Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09) by SCOTSSCRIPTS.COM
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The script can be used with or without MIVA merchant. It comes with free modules to help integrate it into your store.

Latest Versions: 3.270, 3.330
Software Version:
Version 1
Versions 4.14 to 4.2x

Scot's Mailing List

Scot's Mailing List is not a subscription or email service. Once you purchase it there are no monthly or any other kind of fees.

Scot's Mailing List: email marketing made easy and affordable, works with or without Miva Merchant.

Email marketing is a sophisticated process these days and Scot's Mailing List puts a powerful MIVA based solution at your fingertips. With Scot's Mailing List you have everything you need to run email marketing campaigns, and you can personalize the entire subscription experience for your customers, from signup to removal.

Download the trial today and see what it's all about. The trial does everything but send a bulk emailing out.

Some of the features in Scot's Mailing List include:

  • Miva Merchant
  • free merchant 4 and 5 module included
  • import emails from Miva Merchant into Scot's Mailing List
  • Email Delivery
  • simple throttling - control how many messages go out per minute/hour
  • send a message to multiple lists
  • forward emails to another list after sending
  • form maker utility
  • monitor emails as they go out
  • move email address after sending
  • Mailing Lists
  • unlimited number of lists
  • full customization of subscriber experience
  • activity/log file reports
  • bounce email removal
  • export email addresses
  • invitiation emails
  • bulk add, remove, and invite
  • subscribe/unsubscribe via email message
  • stores basic contact information with email addresses
  • email address verification
  • personalize user experience with tokens
  • domain filters for signups and outgoing messages
  • many import features include csv, tab, and simple list
  • Messages
  • file attachments
  • true multi-part html/text email messages
  • full reporting of email campaigns: how many emails went out, how many were opened, and who opened them.
  • each message can have custom domain filters
  • add x-headers to messages
  • Miscellaneous Features
  • cron/batch functionality
  • formmail utilities built in
  • links reports that track when a link is clicked on
  • easily redirect subscribers to your own web pages
  • XSS passed

Important Note: Scot's Mailing List is not a MIVA merchant module, however a module is included so you can add customers to your mailing lists from your store. As a stand-alone script, Scot's Mailing List can be run on any site that runs the latest MIVA scripts. The module does not need OpenUI or Miva Merchant to run.