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Merchant Version:
Versions 4.14 and Later
Recent customer comments:
"Thanks to your installation I've been able to use Google Analytics to nearly double my sales in the past couple months. The insight into my advertising opportunities is very imporessive."

"I actually got the Value of the module back on the Monday after you Installed it just by halting 2 google adwords. I know that the analytic reporting service that you provide can only enhance my site. I have 1000s of Keywords, but 2 were very hungry and produced no sales, I have now removed these and saved over $300.00 in one day."

"I am liking what I see already and think every Miva Merchant store should have this service implimented."

Learn About Your Miva Merchant Store Visitors And Gather Actionable Data To Grow Your Sales!

Google Analytics Complete Installation is your comprehensive Google Analytics installation solution that enables full functionality of Google Analytics reporting. Sit back and relax while we set up Google Analytics for your Miva Merchant store. This investment will pay for itself quickly as you gain valuable insight about:
  • How your organic (free) search traffic and sales compare to your paid search campaigns.
  • What keywords customers are using to find your website through organic (free) search.
  • Who is referring customers to your website.
  • Opportunities for improving landing pages.
  • Customer demographics, such as city, country or region.
  • New versus returning customer breakdown (in percent) in a given timeframe.
  • Identification of how many customers drop out of a purchase during checkout, which informs you of potential shipping cost adjustment or payment option opportunities.
  • Which advertising campaigns (free search, pay-per-click, etc.) resulted in value-add activities besides sales, such as email contact made and newsletter sign-ups.
  • What keywords were used that resulted in value-add activities besides sales.
And much, much more!

This complete solution includes:
  • The Google Analytics visitor tracking code installed on all Miva Merchant pages. This code is used to capture site visitor statistics, such as number of visitors, where the visitors originated from (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, paid search vs. organic search, referring sites, etc.), pageviews, new vs. returning visitors, what pages they visited, and much more.
  • The Google Analytics visitor tracking code installed on up to 10 non-Miva Merchant static pages.
  • Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking code installed on your site. This code will provide you sales data for your store and, in conjunction with the Google Analytics visitor tracking code, will enale you to monitor total sales from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, paid search vs. organic search for each of the search engines, product performance, and more.
  • A custom shopping cart abandonment goal configured in Google Analytics and the tracking code installed on your site. This code will enable you to monitor critical checkout abandonment statistics, such as how many people exit during checkout without completing purchase and at what steps during the checkout process they abandon their purchase. This data identifies opportunities to improve checkout so you grow sales!
  • Full debug of the installation to ensure you receive all of the data available for your Miva Merchant site integrated with Google Analytics and the data you receive is correct. You do not want to take action on incorrect data!
We also offer consulting on navigating Google Analytics reports and identifying opportunities for growing your business. We have been selected by Google as a partner for both Analytics and AdWords consulting. Contact us to inquire about our consulting services and marketing solutions.

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