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Click2Customer Quickstart Rescues by NETBLAZON
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Click2Customer's QuickStart Rescues connects with potential customers who began shopping but didn't complete checkout. It saves orders...which means more money in your pockets.

Click-2-Customer.com is about one thing...turning visitors into buyers, converting your shoppers into repeat customers and then recommenders of your products. In short, it's about increasing your sales. Our product suite is designed to allow the online retailer to use as much or as little of the solution set as you are comfortable with.

Rescuing online sales can have a great impact on your sales conversions, and while many vendors profess to have a silver bullet to address this issue, they all tend to expect a lion's share of the profits. Not so with Click2Customer QuickStart Rescues...you pay us a single monthly fee, NOT a percentage of your valuable sales revenue!

If you're looking for an online rescues capability, but are not interested in paying out a percentage of the sale itself, then QuickStart Rescues is the solution for you. With Click-2-Customer QuickStart Rescues, you can run multiple campaigns geared towards a variety of potential sales points - number of items in the basket, overall subtotal of the basket, position on the site, time on site, and many more. Taking these points into consideration, the system can provide discounts of a varying nature to the shoppers - cart discount, line item discount, free item, and free shipping are all available based on whether the exit condition has been met. The system will also track whether a visitor has been recently given a special offer and you can set the interval at which new offers should be offered, to help avoid shoppers who might want to "game the system" to try to receive extra discounts or discounts they aren't qualified for.

There is no percentage of sales to pay for to use this service, just a flat monthly fee of $60. If you're convinced that online rescues are a great way to boost your sales, then Click-2-Customer is the best way to go.

Click2Customer is a monthly fee-based service. The normal price for QuickStart Recommendations is $99/month, but by purchasing this module through MivaCentral you will receive a discounted rate of $49/month for the first three months. By purchasing this module, you are paying for the first month's service. The following two months will be billed at $49/month to your credit card (which you may provide to use separately and securely) and then at $99/month thereafter.