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New for Miva Merchant 5!
Get dedicated-like server performance and a better search engine profile for your Miva Merchant store!

Merchant Optmizer 5™ is a simple, fast and "thought-free" way of getting dedicated server-like performance from any even boosts performance on sites already on a dedicated server. Optimizer is also a perfect solution for quick and easy implementation of Search Friendly Links (AKA: short links, SEO links, etc). Optimizer pages are accessed through a link like: instead of

I credit Merchant Optimizer with improving my search engine listings by 1000% (literally) in 21 days!"
Wendy Estes --

If your site is bogging down from too many "just looking" visitors or if you're not seeing your Miva Merchant store in search engines results, then Merchant Optmizer 5 is the perfect tool for you. Merchant Optmizer 5 works by creating exact copies of your Miva Merchant store's screens, saving them as standard HTML pages in an alternate directory. These static pages are much easier for your server to serve to your customers and for search engines to scan and index. With a few additional tricks, you can direct all browsing to be done in the static pages. Or, you can just use the static pages as entry points for your Merchant store's dynamically generated screens. You can create separate static pages for different affiliates, or even for different domains. For example, you can create a mirror site on a different domain that's and exact duplicate, or has a different look and feel from your store. (This second store could be configured with an affiliate link, and those hits tracked by any compatible affiliate module such as Merchant's built in affiliate module or a third party module.)

"It is very simple to use. We've done a number of sites that are fully templated (from the doctype down to the closing tag)...these changes gave us TONS of flexibility, but really slowed the site down. To compensate, we use Merchant Optimizer to create static product and category pages. Merchant Optimizer really is a great product, and combining it with other technologies makes it very flexible as well."
Susan Petracco --

In addition to its performance benefits, Optimizer creates a url profile of your site that search engines love. Instead of:$Store_Code=This-Store

Optimizer can creates the page as:

As you can see, this module is both absurdly simple to operate, yet limitless in its applications. A little imagination can go a long way.

New For Miva Merchant 5.x Stores!

Merchant Optimizer 5 is brand new from the ground up to work seemlessly with your Miva Merchant 5.x store:

  • Auto updates - Automatically update or remove Optimizer static pages when that item is Added, updated or deleted from within the Merchant Admin.
  • Finer control of how Optimizer handles pages in certain situations. Choose to Update, Ignore or Delete on an overall basis or individual item basis.
  • Control Batch Updates - set the number of pages rendered between "reloads." This control lets you set the speed of creating Optimizer pages to better match your server's overall performance.
  • New separate sub-directories for Products and Categories.

And here's what we are working on for the future:

  • Support for Import Update- update pages to match a category, product, attributes/options...or ANY import update.
  • External Import Triggers - lets you configure an external application to update your Optimizer pages.

  • Auto Update All - Update all pages at one time.
  • And many other cool features.

See what other's say about Merchant Optmizer™:

"I love Merchant Optmizer™! It is without a doubt the only "Search Engine Killer" module that can truly claim the title! No funny business, just pure html pages for the ultimate in SEO."
Marc Mercier, The Sausage Source --

"I'm absolutely loving the program - we are now showing up all over the search engines and its so painless."
Brenda Nishimoto -

"Optimizer is worth every penny...The biggest result is indexing the product pages. For example, one of our new items is a heart pendant watch. Before Optimizer, searching for "heart pendant watch" resulted in our site being listed on the 70th to 120th listing, now its #1. This is just Optimizer cranking out the pages, without any additional work...and on an MMUI site.
Ahmed Saad -

"Even with a three dedicated machines, we could not handle our holiday and other peak traffic without Merchant Optmizer. When is spotlithed on Jay Leno or Good Morning America, traffic spikes to 20,000 simultaneous visitors...while its nice to have that traffic, we have to be sure we actual purchasers get through the cart without delay. Oh, and every Optimizer produced product page ranks 100's of positions ahead of its Merchant generated version."
Gary Apple -

See it in action:

Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks
Sausage Source

[ sites]

Read up on it:

View the PDF User's Guide

Note: Merchant Optimizer uses its own licensing system. The license you will receive when you purchase Optimizer through MivaCentral is for support purposes through MivaCentral only. You will receive a license from Phosphor Media via email, shortly after you complete your purchase. The license from Phosphor Media is the one you must use when installing the module in your store.