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Digital Publishers believes that customer satisfaction is more important than a sale. Having repeat customers is not only better for our business, it also brings a lasting relationship that can better your business. Founded in 1996, we have helped many small firms with their ecommerce endeavors, from websites and shopping carts to improved business processes. Ultimately increasing their profits. dpExcelerate is that application that started our precense here at MivaCentral (formerly MvCool) and has enjoyed 100% customer satisfaction since 2/26/02!

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Trace shopper's paths through your store, analyze your Miva Access Log File (MALF) and your Ecommerce Log File (ELF & ELF2). Free demo available...

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Export CSV (or any delimiter) from your Excel product spreadsheet into a text file ready for importing (no extra quotes to edit out) into your online store!

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Price: $49.99 You Save: $75.01


Price: $29.95 You Save: $5