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eCommerce Intelligence is a search engine marketing company specializing in Miva Merchant websites. Ous specialties in marketing include:

  • Organic (free) search optimization
  • Pay-per-click optimization and campaign management
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website optimization for converting visitors to purchasers
  • Competitive analysis and general business strategy
We are a Google partner for Analytics and AdWords consulting and have a proven track record helping companies increase their sales.

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  Miva Google Analytics Complete Installation
Google Analytics Complete Installation is your comprehensive Google Analytics installation solution that enables full functionality of Google Analytics reporting. Sit back and relax while we set up Google Analytics for your Miva Merchant store. This investment will pay for itself quickly as you gain valuable insight about your site visitors and purchsers.

Normal MIVACentral Price: $229.95
Limited Time Sale Price: $149.95
You Save: $80

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Miva Google Analytics Complete Installation

Price: $149.95 You Save: $80