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Jimmy Cooper
"Jason has been a speaker at the last three MIVA Small Business Conferences we've held in San Diego and his presentations are always a big draw. He has a wealth of knowledge on SEO and his sessions are usually "standing room only". He's a great presenter and always gives a very informative session with lots of great info."

Jimmy Cooper, Former Marketing Manager, Miva Small Business
Kirkland, WA

I have been doing search engine optimization and marketing specifically for Miva Merchant since 1999. I have been doing it in general since 1996.

Contact me via email below

P.S. If anybody says that seo and seo for miva merchant are the same, they are either lying, ignorant or both.

Here is a screenshot of the webstats of one of my recent clients. I started in october. They are ex-stompernet customers. They were paying over $800/month for that service. Stompernet IS awesome, but they don't KNOW Miva Merchant.

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