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Founded in 2002, by ex Miva Corporation employees the goal of 4TheBest eCommerce Solutions is to provide merchants with custom software solutions and support services to maximize the effectiveness of their Miva storefronts.

Jeff Huber, President - For over a decade Jeff has worked with emerging computer technologies that help people improve their businesses. Jeff worked for Miva Corporation for almost five years doing such diverse work as creating the customer support department, acting as coordinator of security issues, and managing the development of the Miva Merchant software. Jeff arguably knows more about The Miva Merchant software's design, module architecture, API, deployment & support issues, and methods of use than any other individual in the world.


James Huber, Development Director - James has over two decades of experience as a software developer, including over seven years designing for the Internet. James worked as a senior developer for Miva Corporation for over three years doing such diverse work as development, more development, and developing other stuff. James declines to comment on who knows more about The Miva Merchant software's design, other than to say he strongly suspects their initials are indeed J.H.


Zoe Huber, Business Affairs Director - Zoe has many years of experience doing things that will never matter to the average reader of this page, since she won't be working on any of your projects. But if you have any questions about paying a bill, or other business affairs she is the one to talk to.


These products are developed and supported by 4TheBest eCommerce Solutions

  QwkTracker - Traffic Origination And Conversion Tracking System
QwkTracker allow a merchant to track the traffic coming into their store starting with where it came from and tracking it through the shopping process. The system can help a merchant determine if they are spending their money wisely on pay-per-click advertising such as Overture, Google, and Miva Marketplace or non-pay-per-click links from friends, associates, business partners, or advertising campaigns. QwkTracker helps merchant determine who is most effective in sending traffic to their site, which referring links translate to more sales, and where in the shopping experience they may be losing sales.

Price: $379.97

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  QwkGuard - Fraud Protection and Auto-Lockout System
QwkGuard helps to reduce your credit card processing fees by intercepting fraudulent orders before they are sent to your credit card processor for validation. Stop the hackers from spending your money to validate their stolen cards. Guard your store with QwkGuard!

Price: $179.97

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QwkPatch protects merchants against various Miva Merchant bugs, such as duplicate order numbers, and exploits and validation limitations, such as hackers being able to checkout without paying, by doing additional system checks at various points during the shoppers visit in the store.

Price: $39.97

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