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  •   Miva Merchant Synchro
    Miva Merchant Synchro automatically synchronizes data in your Miva Merchant store with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premiere. Licensing is per domain installation of Miva Merchant.

    Price: $399.00

    Quantity in Basket:  none

      Miva Merchant Synchro - Additional Store License
    Use Miva Merchant Synchro with more than one Miva Merchant Merchant store or domain. The Miva Merchant Synchro - Additional Store License allows you to synchronize a second store with QuickBooks. This can be an additional store on your same domain, or another domain entirely.

    Code: MIVA-SYNC0002
    Price: $99.00

    Quantity in Basket:  none

      Miva Merchant 5 - Domain License
    Miva Merchant 5 takes your online business to the next level, providing unlimited potential with unprecedented power, flexibility, and ease of use. Designed for success, Miva Merchant 5 gives access to all of the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.

    Code: MIVA-MERC0002_5
    Price: $1995.00

    Quantity in Basket:  none

      Miva Merchant - Limited Source Kit
    Developers and merchants who need to modify selected source codes in the Miva Merchant system can access these codes by licensing the Miva Merchant Limited Source Kit. The package contains selected modules in uncompiled format with a limited license to modify, compile, and re-distribute them.

    Code: MIVA-MMDL_5
    Price: $0.00

    Quantity in Basket:  none

      Checkout reCAPTCHA
    This module helps prevent velocity attacks on your real time payment gateway by inserting a reCAPTCHA process into the checkout validation depending on your settings.

    Code: MIVA-RECAP
    Your Price: $0.00
    You Save: $49.95

    Quantity in Basket:  none

      PowerReviews Express
    PowerReviews Express sets the standard for customer reviews solutions, and, in the words of one recent expert, even "raises the bar." That's why shoppers prefer PowerReviews to ordinary reviews.

    Code: MIVA-MMPRE
    Price: $0.00

    Quantity in Basket:  none

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