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Latest Versions: 3.040, 4.050, 5.030
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Provide volume price discounts for products grouped by category. Create multiple volume price levels to provide a set flat/fixed discount unit price, percentage discount off, or subtract flat/fixed discount from unit price varied by product quantities assigned under one or more categories, i.e. order any 1-3 various items in category A at $15/ea, 4-6 items at 10% off/ea, 7 or more items at $5 off/ea. Multiple categories can be configured with their own volume discount/price levels with unlimited discount levels for enhanced flexibility and creativity. Specific products within each discount category can also be excluded from volume pricing.

Discount volume prices are automatically calculated and adjusted as basket items change (as basket quantities are added/removed/updated). Include or exclude specific price group(s) as desired to provide discount for eligible types of customers. Ideal for supporting departmental/category sales and handling volume pricing by category!

Note: This module requires Miva Engine v3.9 or higher.