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Latest Versions: 5.102
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Map Locations is a full featured dealer and store locator for Miva Merchant 5 stores. Provide your customers with a searchable list of maps to your dealer or store locations, repair centers or any addresses you want to publish. Search by country, state, city or zip code with results sorted by distance to the location.

Import and maintain your address list in the Admin. The intuitive interface is patterned after Merchants admin, so you can start using it right away.

Installation is completely automatic. (no complex instructions) The module detects the framework for your store and creates the correct templates, styles, javascript and graphics for you.

Many options are configurable in the admin, including text box or drop down list selection; zipcode search radius, default search radius, pagination options, number of icons to display on the map and icon color.

The page template is customizable giving you maximum flexibility in layout an design.

Link to your maps with a Location_code to display a specific map, Category_code to display a select group of maps (like repair centers), or Product_code allowing you to link products to a group of vendors that sell those product.

Create as many alternate map display templates as you need.