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Note:ALL StoreMan5 models can be used on multiple stores with the purchase of additional "Store Connector" modules. Each copy of StoreMan comes with one StoreMan Connector module (a $99.00 value).

StoreMan Standard Product Details

Here's an almost complete list of features and benefits of StoreMan5 Standard:
For more details, view the StoreMan5 User Guide

User Friendly, Streamlined Interface: View and edit all product information--categories, products, attributes, headers/footers, etc--from a single, streamlined interface. No more waiting for web page screens to reload.

Sort Data: Independently sort the order of categories, products, attributes and options, automatically by date, name, code, price and more. Manually sort content in ANY order, simply by entering the sort order. For example: type 1 to make a category, product, etc, the first in its list. Apply sort criteria to ALL products in ALL categories with a single click. This allows for fine control of record order. All Editor and List windows let you edit the order of products, categories, attributes, options and products in categories on a record by record basis.

Filter Data: Restrict the data you want to work on by filtering records by name, code, description, price, and most other relevant data fields. Even sort products by weight! Using Filtered data lets you work across a large number of similar products at the same time.

Import Wizard: Wizard type interface streamlines importing directly from Excel or a text-based applications. Import products, categories, products in categories, subcategories in categories, attributes, options, and related products. All import methods support importing of relavent headers and footers. Importing can Add, Add or Update, Update only, and Delete (for Products and Categories).

Export: You can export data from StoreMan to either Excel or delimited text files. These files can be used for reimporting into StoreMan. Export data based on a filtered subset of records. That way, you can quickly export and modify just the products you want. Export anything you can import; modify your data then import directly from the same file.

Clone Attributes: Select any attribute with associated options and copy it to the current product. Clone Attribute can also work with groups of products. Simply filter the product display, and then the select an attribute to apply to ALL products in the group.

Integrated data transfer:Means you never have to leave the comfort of StoreMan5. Transfers only the changed data so updates are fast and published in real time.

Product Template: Create new products based on an existing product, including any category assignments, attributes, etc.

Clone Attributes: Clone one attribute to another product (including any options as well).

Search and Replace: Search and replace text by field. Search and replace on subsets of data by combining search/replace with filtering.

Copy Related Products: Copy a group of related products from one product to another--or from one product to a set of products. Interrelate all the products in a set for quick Related Products population.

Unique Database Maintenance Tools: Enhances StoreMan's data integrity checking, lets you:

  • locate and delete duplicate and orphan records.
  • delete or repair corrupt records
  • correct problems with invalid characters in database fields.

Report Wizard: Print reports or create report files in Word (RTF) format. Create reports on categories, products in categories, products and attribute/options, and more.

Support for Merchant Inventory: Work with all product-specific inventory settings. You can enable inventory tracking on all products with a single click.

Logging functions: Record Transfer, Import and Export all record actions in log files. Use these files to help pin-point the specific record(s) that did not import in order to troubleshoot your import file.

Additional Features of Advanced

More Import and Export features: Attributes, options, and related products can be imported/exported. Adds Import Delete (for Products and Categories).

Erase Tables: Selectively delete data by database. For example, create a completely new category structure without deleting your products, attributes or options.

Global Price Change: Add or subtract a fixed amount or percentage from all or selected products, attributes or options.

Need More Features? See StoreMan Advanced.

Still not convinced? Download StoreMan5 Trail (and its store based connector module) now and take it for a spin. The download is a full working version of StoreMan Advanced, however, while in trial mode you can work on only 50 products. (If you choose to purchase it, you need only obtain the license key, you will not need to reinstall or download anything else.)

IMPORTANT:StoreMan requires a license key supplied by PHOSPHOR Media. When purchased, a separate email FROM Phosphor Media will provide the license key. (You can still download, install and run StoreMan in trail mode.)