Categories, Thumbnails and Price Combination in Basket Screen v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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The Categories in Basket Screen module provides enhanced display of your basket screen with: 1) categories the product is in, 2) thumbnail image of the product, and 3) combined prices of products + attributes into a single price for each product. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

This module is licensed to one domain. It may be used in more than one store within the same domain without additional licensee fees.

The tokens are added to the 'bask' and 'invc' page templates to implement the features you want to use in this component module.

You can insert the category name directly below the product name in the Basket (BASK) and Invoice (INVC) screens. When a product is in more than one category, the module displays all of them. Each category name is linked to the corresponding category list screen in the Basket Screen.

In addition to categories in the basket, the module also provides the url for the thumbnail image which can be displayed in the basket. The thumbnail display is not in the built-in basket display so this module provides that extra feature.

Also, the module creates a basket price sum variable which can optionally be displayed in the basket and invoice for a basket price combination. This price variable combines the product's basket base price with its attribute prices so that you can show the sum total for the product and hide the individual attribute prices in the basket. If you want to allow customers to see the amounts itemized, you can even make a link to the basket screen and pass a parameter that shows the basket with the product and attribute prices separated by using a conditional display. Creating a sum variable which is different from the original display variable was done to prevent potential conflict with other vendor's 3rd party modules. I could have intercepted the price and changed the variable used for regular price display, but that would likely have led to conflicts as more vendors create modules that effect price display in the basket. So instead, you have both variables and can choose which to display. For those who also want to have combined prices in the merchant and customer emails, you can use the Emporium Plus Mail Manager module which has tokens for this purpose.