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Merchant Version:
Allow customers to place an order at your Miva Merchant store and pay for it using a purchase order payment method. Normally, this module will be used by B2B, government, or large corporate customers who have accounts with your store. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

- Accept purchase orders in your store so you can bill later
- Restrict usage to specific customers
- Restrict usage to a specific availability group
- Optionally hide the purchase order option from non-eligible customers
- Configurable selection prompt and input label
- Configurable invoice message

Feature Details:
You can limit purchase order usage by requiring that their Login ID be approved by the store owner BEFORE a purchase order will be accepted. Hence, if they are not on the approved list of Login IDs, they will not even see the option to pay by purchase order in the payment selection drop down list.

Alternatively, you can configure the module in admin to function as a purchase order module with no pre-approved list of customers. Hence, every customer would have the option to pay by purchase order and would see it in the payment selection list.

You can assign customers pre-approved to use a purchase order to an availability group. The module can use that availability group designation to limit who has the option to use purchase orders. This 3rd method of control eliminates the need to list every eligible Login ID; simply designate the group the B2B customers are assigned to.

The payment selection label, purchase order entry label and order edit label are configurable in admin. As example, instead of Purchase Order as an entry in the payment selection drop down list, you could change it to read Account Number or other applicable text.

You can configure an invoice message that can be displayed only if the purchase order is the selected form of payment. This allows you to remind them about payment terms on their account.

This module is also helpful if you are testing your store's checkout process. You can include yourself in the list of approved customers. Then you will be able to checkout without having to enter a credit card and then later cancel the charges.