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Template Data Feed exports your product and category data in the file formats required for multiple data feed submissions (Google Base (Froogle), Sitemap XML (for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo), Yahoo, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, etc.) for inclusion in their ecommerce search directories and shopping portals. Using the template system, design the export for just about any comparison shopping engine (CSE). Improve your search engine optimization (SEO). This module is for Miva Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for 4.14-4.2x versions of Merchant.
  • Create the datafeed flat files directly from your admin
    • Frequent, no hassle submissions keep your data current
    • Eliminates the need to copy product and category databases from the server to your PC to produce a flat file export with software such as MS Excel
    • Uses your data as it exists within admin at the moment it is run
  • Exclude/include export of specific products by code, price, weight
  • Control over category insertion
    • Exclude/include export from specific categories
    • Include a table for each export that matches your category codes to the shopping index's category system (no need to edit data into each product's custom fields to hold the shopping index category)
  • Custom field data. If you are using Miva's custom fields module, the additional field data can be used to populate additional fields and/or added to the description.
  • Convert your store's currency to the target country's data feed requirement
  • Removes html from your product descriptions
  • No timeout issues when generating the data feed export of large numbers of products
  • Show export status in a progress bar
  • Automatic exports. If you have cron task available you may be able to run exports automatically (see install doc FAQ section)
  • Exports to your documents directory rather than your data directory for ease of capture and transmittal
  • Optionally send a copy of the file as an email attachment
  • Create directory style and search friendly links in the feed to match those in your store to enhance SEO
  • Template layout allows you to set the product data in the order you want it using tokens to dynamically insert the data at the position you need it
  • Create xml feeds or list your specials in a specific category for RSS output
  • Five pre-defined formats already configured: Google Base (aka Froogle, Google Product Search), Sitemap XML (for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo), Yahoo, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber
    • Ultimate feed submission tool, you can create unlimited feeds based on your search indexes' specifications fairly easy.
    • Minor changes are needed for your url or search friendly links
    • You'll can create custom product fields and assign values in them for the Shopzilla, Yahoo and many other feeds to meet their additional data needs
    • Many ecommerce search and marketing services are not free, so you'll need to create accounts and pay applicable fees prior to feed submissions (Google is free)
    • You can even use this module to submit bulk uploads to the free Google Base which lets you define the columns you are going to submit by using the tokens available in the module
  • I put several feeds on my site as example output. Contact me for the urls if you want to see them. They demonstrate some of the features:
    • Rearrange fields to fit the format of the shopping search index
    • Include custom fields not found in the standard Miva Merchant products database (year, actors, director, etc.)
    • Include category matching so if the index uses a different or additional categorization, you can meet their requirements (Yahoo uses your category and theirs, Shopzilla has their own category ID system)

  • Apply to the search directory, e.g. Google Base, Yahoo, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and others to be included in their program
  • Install this module and run it
  • FTP/upload resulting flat file to the applicable search indexes
    Like our other modules, this module is licensed by domain, so if you have multiple stores in a single domain, you only need one license for all the stores in that domain.

    Once you get the customer to your site, use our Power Search module for your site's internal search tool. It enhances site navigation far beyond the built in search mechanism.

    If your host is web.com, you may not be able to use this module due to the way they configure their servers, i.e. not allowing exports. There are no known issues with other hosts.

    You spend a lot of time and money with hosting, entering data into your store, and improving the look and feel of your pages. Why would you not want customers to find your site via search engines or shopping portals? You could submit your home page to them and hope all the pages get included in the search index. For better results, you need to submit datafeeds or hire someone else to submit them for you. Take a look at the comparison between the built in features and the alternatives. The answer is obvious, you need to improve your external search index interface. Most of the time you will find the Template Data Feed module does everything you need to increase traffic through well placed search index insertions. For the cost of dinner for two, you can make a significant improvement in your store's bottom line. If you have a few minutes a month to run the feeds and upload them, I doubt you'll need an expensive submission service.

    Built In Template Data Feed Submission Service
    Price free $40 $50-$75 per month
    Sitemap HTML yes yes no
    Datafeed From Your Admin no yes requires export module
    Limit Export By Code, Price, Weight no yes depends on export module
    Control Over Category Insertion no yes depends on export module
    Custom Field Data Included no yes depends on export module
    Convert Currency To Datafeed Spec no yes depends on export module
    Remove HTML From Description no yes depends on export module
    Feed Timeout Avoidance no yes depends on export module
    Automatic Exports no yes * depends on export module
    Export To Documents Directory yes yes depends on export module
    Send Export As Email Attachment n/a yes depends on export module
    Create Short Links yes yes depends on export module
    XML and RSS Feeds no yes depends on export module
    Multiple Pre-defined Feed Formats n/a yes yes
    Licensed By store domain store
    * requires cron and a long server timeout setting in large stores

    Compressed screen shots below are expanded at the slide show link on this page.

    Feed names and last date run displayed in admin

    Configuration settings can customize each export

    Export xml (like Google sitemap) or one product per line txt feeds

    Exclude specific products from the export

    Exclude specific categories and match your categories to the shopping index categories

    Report finish with convenient link for easy transfer to your PC without need for FTP