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The Importance of Good Store Design
A recent report published by Web design firm Questus found that having a good web site design will benefit your online business. Their survey polled 425 employed US residents over the age of 18. When listing factors that influenced their decision to purchase from a particular store, a number of those factors were design-based.

Looking Trustworthy
Based on the survey, Questus found that the majority of shoppers felt web site appearance affected the amount of trust they had in the online merchant. Shoppers generally make their decision to shop at a site within the first few seconds of their visit, so it's important to make a strong first impression.

Getting Around
Ease of navigation and checking out were other factors that determined whether or not shoppers would purchase from an online store. In fact, the survey showed that site navigation (37%) and the checkout process (32%) were almost as important as the product descriptions or even shipping options when it came time to decide.

So now that you see how important the design and usability of your online store is, what you can do about getting your store up to par? Luckily, you're using MIVA Merchant which makes it easy to implement new designs and ideas thanks to its modular architecture. Here are a few add-on modules available here at MIVA Central that can help you create a store that looks great and is easy to shop.

Modules for MIVA Merchant 5 Modules for MIVA Merchant 4
Category Template Manager by Sebenza
Category Template Manager allows merchants to create multiple display templates that can then be assigned to categories. When installed, two sample templates are created for you. One being the template MIVA Merchant comes with and the second being a full-featured template.
Template Bundle by Viking Coders
This special bundle of "Look and Feel" modules gives you the greatest degree of control over the design of your store while keeping the learning curve as minimal as possible. If you can edit HTML, you will have no problem using these modules. Through the combined use of simple HTML and tokens, you can design to your heart's content.
Power Search by Emporium Plus
The purpose of Power Search is to allow a customer to search one or more fields which are allowed by the store owner. The store owner can choose any fields within the products database and/or the custom product fields database to be searchable.
DynamicTemplates by Copernicus
DynamicTemplates gives you full control over the design of your store, including Category and Product template pages. You can easily make "Look and Feel" changes to your store by directly editing the HTML templates that create each store page.
Template Page Display by Gilligan Online
Now you can display any template inside another MIVA Merchant 5 template! Need to display featured products in a left column? How about on the storefront? Now you can - quickly and easily display any template inside any template!
Enhanced Final Checkout Button by Advanz Design
Enhances the final checkout button by allowing only a single click to proceed to the invoice page. This feature helps eliminate duplicate orders and other storefront problems related to multiple clicks while the customer is waiting for the invoice/order to finish processing.
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