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Which Order Fulfillment Solution is Right for You?

Imagine your online store becoming insanely popular and you receive a ton of new orders? It may sound like a dream come true, but often times, it can become very overwhelming and time-consuming to have to handle all of those orders and data. That's where order fulfillment solutions come in.

A good order fulfillment solution will enable your business to save valuable time and effort by organizing and streamlining your order processing. It will automate many repetitive tasks, enhance your communication with customers, organize all of your order data, handle order invoices and packing slips, and enable you to send out packages faster.

We've taken three of the most popular order fulfillment solutions for MIVA Merchant and compared the most common features in the matrix below. We also included comments from each developer to see what they think makes their solution stand-out from the others.

Compatible with MIVA Merchant: All Versions 3.x, 4.x, 5.x 4.14 and Above
Order Sync X X X
Customer Sync X X X
Inventory Sync - X X
Searchable Data X X X
Automatic Download X X -
Built-in Reporting X X X
Customizable Reports X X X
Manual Order Entry X X X
Order Data Export X X X
Maximum Order Volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Prints Packing Slips X X X
Prints Invoices X X X
Customizable Templates Included Included Fee
Order Status & Tracking X X X
Shipping Integration UPS, USPS, Endicia DAZzle, (FedEx coming soon) UPS, FedEx, Endicia DAZzle, ShipRush, Postal Package Partner UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Endicia, Harvey Software
QuickBooks Integration - X X
MIVA Merchant Integration Method Module Module Import/Export files
System Requirements Windows 98 or later Windows 98 or later; Microsoft Access 97 or later Windows 98 or later
Number of Users 1 seat included. Additional seats available. 5 seats included. Additional seats available. 1 seat included. Additional seats available.
Support Details 30-days toll-free support via telephone and direct email. Always free online support forums. Extended support plans available for $199/yr. $350 per year, for up to 3 hours of telephone support and all program updates. Includes 4 months of free phone, fax and email support. Additional support packages available.
Price $599 $995 $1995
Purchase ShipWorks Order Manager Mail Order Manager

In Their Own Words...

ShipWorks by Interapptive Purchase - $599

1. Who is ShipWorks perfect for?
ShipWorks is perfect for any business looking to ship more in less time. ShipWorks can save hours per day in work, and has played an important role in the growth of many online businesses.

2. ShipWorks has been designed with a focus on...
Maximizing ease of use, and minimizing the number of steps required for users to process their daily shipments. ShipWorks automates tasks, bulk-prints live shipping labels (no importing or exporting required), acts as a hub for customer service, and much more.

3. Three main benefits of ShipWorks over the other solutions are...

  • Ease of Use: ShipWorks is easy to setup and install. Most sellers are operational and processing their first shipments in less than 30 minutes after installation. New users learn to use ShipWorks quickly, and advanced users can take advantage of customizable menus, columns, and toolbars. Most tasks can be accomplished with just a few simple clicks.
  • Direct Integration: Interapptive has established relationships with leading shipping carriers to provide users with the best shipping support possible. ShipWorks is directly integrated with UPS, USPS, FedEx, Endicia, and This direct support eliminates cutting/pasting, re-typing, and exporting information to other software packages. In addition to its shipping integrations, ShipWorks communicates seamlessly with your MIVA Merchant storefront, offering automatic and one-click downloading of all new orders and customer records, as well as the ability to create batches without needing to log into the MIVA Merchant admin.
  • Commitment to Customers: Interapptive is dedicated to the success of your online business. We understand our customers are our number one asset, and we pay careful attention to user feedback to ensure the very best product. Friendly, responsive support is available when you need it; toll-free via phone and email, as well as through an active online community support forum.

Order Manager by Stone Edge Purchase - $995

1. Who is Order Manager perfect for?
The Stone Edge Order Manager is ideal for any company that ships 10 to 2,000 orders per day and wants to maximize efficiency and minimize labor costs.

2. Order Manager has been designed with a focus on...
Power, ease of use, and flexibility. The program includes a large number of features and is highly configurable for each merchant's needs, yet daily operations can be performed by users with minimal training. It is written in Microsoft Access and VBA, delivered as an open system, and includes many "hooks" and other provisions for customization.

3. Three main benefits of Order Manager over the other solutions are...

  • Price and Performance: The Stone Edge Order Manager delivers the features and functionality of systems costing many times as much. It has the tools you need and the power to help you grow, and its cost won't increase dramatically as you expand your operations. Its open nature and support for customization combine the low cost of an off-the-shelf package with the advantages of a custom built solution.
  • Support: Stone Edge specializes in working with small-to-medium sized merchants, and providing the kind of support they want and need. We answer our telephones, our support staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and our programmers are available for support if you need them. We also have a very active User Forum.
  • Multi-channel Capabilities: As they grow, most merchants expand to use multiple sales channels. Whether it's multiple Miva stores, use of different shopping cart systems, sales channels like Amazon and eBay, a "brick and mortar" store, etc., the Stone Edge Order Manager can support and integrate all of your sales channels, track your inventory, and retain the branding of your different stores in emails to your customers and on invoices and packing slips.

Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) by Dydacomp Purchase - $1995

1. Who is M.O.M. perfect for?
M.O.M. is perfect for the business that takes and ships orders online, by phone, by mail and even over the counter. B2B or B2C, start-up or established merchant, M.O.M. is the system you'll never outgrow.

2. M.O.M. has been designed with a focus on...
Flexible functionality and user friendly design. Every screen and feature of M.O.M. is expertly designed by Dydacomp's professionally trained R&D team. Attention to such detail ensures that features in every area of the solution are both easy to use and understand by the end-user. The end result is a solution that new customer service reps and other personnel can learn and operate quickly.

3. Three main benefits of M.O.M. over the other solutions are...

  • Complete Solutions: M.O.M. not only processes your online orders but also gives you the tools, beyond customer service and order processing, to grow your business. M.O.M's marketing analysis, management reporting, inventory forecasting, channel integration, and list management features allow you to oversee every aspect of your operation today while setting you on course for your long-term goals.
  • Expert Support and Professional Documentation: Like the M.O.M. program itself, the support and documentation areas of Dydacomp are managed by industry professionals, providing our customers with all the behind-the-scenes information and assistance required to run a serious ecommerce or multichannel operation.
  • Risk-free and Worry-free Investment: Over 15 years in business and 10,000 installations worldwide ensure that your investment in M.O.M. is a safe one. Expert support by phone, fax, email and online; printed and web-based documentation, online forums and blogs are just the beginning. As a M.O.M. user you will find a network of M.O.M. experts inside and outside Dydacomp to help you and your team maximize your return on the technology investment each and every day.
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