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Product Code Product Name Price Upgrade
from v4.x
ISLAD-SALESREPORTSAdvanced Sales Reports$149.95See Product
WPAW-WP_ANTIFRAUDWolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection V5.x, V4.14+$99.95See Product
NETBLAZON-ATADVAccurateTax TaxTools Advanced - Trial$0.00See Product
NETBLAZON-ATBASICAccurateTax TaxTools Basic - Trial$0.00See Product
WCW-ADDENDUM5Addendum Checkout Questions v5$29.5015.00
ADDS-ADDSHOPPERSAddShoppers$0.00See Product
ADVANZ-AGREE5Agreement Page v5$39.9519.95
ADVANZ-CAT2PRODAssign Categories to Product$34.9534.95
WCW-ATTRIMPT5Attribute and Option Import - Export from Flat Files v5$24.9515.00
STL-ATTRMASTERAttribute Master v5+$89.0039.50
WCW-PRVSCODE5Attribute Prompt vs Code v5$20.0015.00
WCW-B2BNOTAX5B2B Tax Exempt v5$24.9518.00
WCW-BASENUMS5Base + Number of Items Shipping by State Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-BASENUMZ5Base + Number of Items Shipping by World Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-BASENUMC5Base + Number of Items Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-BASEWTSZ5Base + Weight Shipping by State Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-BASEWTWZ5Base + Weight Shipping by World Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-BASEWTCZ5Base + Weight Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$22.95See Product
WCW-BKRECALC5Basket Price Group Recalc v5$35.50See Product
WCW-DAYBATCH5Batch Creation by Date v5$23.5015.00
EBUSI-EBX_BPD5_5Batch Product Delete$79.95See Product
WCW-BESTSELL5Best Seller Display v5$20.0015.00
ADVANZ-BLOCKIP5Block IP Addresses v5$29.9514.95
IDS-BULKOBulkOrder$99.99See Product
WCW-GET1FREE5Buy X Get 1 Free v5$52.0025.00
ADVANZ-BUYXDISCYBuy X Get Discount Off Y$34.9534.95
ADVANZ-CALCSHIP5Calculate Shipping v5$39.9519.95
WCW-CATBASK5Categories, Thumbnails and Price Combination in Basket Screen v5$20.0015.00
STL-CATMASTERCategory Master v5+ - New Features!$89.0044.50
WCW-CATMINS5Category Minimums and Maximums$41.75See Product
NETBLAZON-C2CQSRECClick2Customer Quickstart Recommendations$99.00See Product
NETBLAZON-C2CQSRESClick2Customer Quickstart Rescues$99.00See Product
STL-CONTACTFORMContact Form Pro v5+$71.9535.95
WCW-CONTACT5Contact Manager v5$29.5020.00
STL-CONTSHOPContinue Shopping Pro v5+$39.9519.95
WCW-CPN5Coupon Redemption v5$51.50See Product
IDS-CYTCreate Your Token MM5$0.00See Product
WCW-CUSTEDIT5Custom Customer Fields Interface v5$46.95See Product
IDS-CGTCustomer Group Track MM5$39.99See Product
STL-HTMLCUSTEMLCustomer Order Confirmation - HTML Email Template v5+ - New Features!$49.9524.95
ISLAD-CUSTSEGCustomer Segments$49.99See Product
WCW-DIMX5Dimension Pricing v5$29.95See Product
WCW-OFFTOTAL5Discount (Percent or Fixed) Off Subtotal v5$23.5015.00
ADVANZ-DISCPRCGRPDiscount at Checkout$29.9529.95
WCW-CATDISQ5Discount Based on Quantity by Category v5$50.0030.00
ADVANZ-DISCCATDiscount by Category/Quantity$29.9529.95
ADVANZ-DISCCATSTDiscount By Category/Subtotal$29.9529.95
ADVANZ-DISCQTYDiscount by Quantity$24.9524.95
ADVANZ-DISCSUBTDiscount by Subtotal$23.9523.95
WCW-CATOFFQ5Discount Percent Off Based on Quantity by Category v5$29.5015.00
WCW-CATOFF5Discount Percent Off Subtotal By Category v5$24.9518.00
TA-EASY4MODULEEasy 4 Module - Miva feature-modules in other programming languages$899.99See Product
TA-EASY4PAGESEasy 4 pages - MivaMerchant5 pages in other programming languages$120.00See Product
PM-EASYACCTEasyAccount$84.88See Product
PM-EDIT_CSSEdit CSS$32.88See Product
WCW-TOOLKIT5Emporium Plus Tool Kit v5$56.95See Product
ADVANZ-EBASK5Enhanced Basket Contents v5$39.9519.95
WCW-ENTITY5Entitiy Count Pricing v5$24.9517.50
WCW-REMINDME5Event Reminder v5$29.5015.00
ADVANZ-FLATORDMOD10Export Orders to Flat File with Credit Card Simple Validation$19.9519.95
WCW-EXWIZARD5Export Wizard - Database to Flat File v5$38.00See Product
WCW-EXPRESS5Express Order v5$20.0015.00
STL-EXTFILEExternal File Pro v5+$71.9535.95
WCW-EXTERNAL5External Product Purchase v5$29.5020.00
STL-TEMPLATEXTRAExtra Template Manager Pro v5+$59.9529.95
WCW-EZBATCH5EZ Batch Report v5$29.5018.00
NETBLAZON-FE5FeedExact$0.00See Product
IDS-FEXPORTFExport$49.99See Product
WCW-FLATZONS5Flat Rate Shipping by State Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-FLATZONE5Flat Rate Shipping by World Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-FLATZONC5Flat Rate Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-FOLLOWON5Follow On Contact v5$37.0018.00
WCW-GIFTLIST5Gift or Wish List and Save Baskets v5$42.0022.00
ADVANZ-GOTOBASK5Goto Basket/Continue Shopping v5$39.9519.95
JMH-CONVERSIONSHow to Convert More Visitors into Buyers$1785.00See Product
STL-HTMLEDITOR5HTML WYSIWYG Editor II for Merchant v5+$149.9547.50
STL-IMAGEXTRAImage Extra v5+$85.0038.25
ADVANZ-PRODINVIMPTImport Product Inventory$19.959.95
WCW-INSURSUB5Insurance by Subtotal v5$20.9515.00
WCW-PRODQUAN5Inventory - Product Quantity Import From Flat File v5$20.0015.00
LEX-LEXLIVELexity Live$0.00See Product
WCW-LOSTFND5Lost and Found Orders v5$17.0014.00
WCW-MAILMAN5Mail Manager - HTML Email Templates v5$47.0025.00
STL-HTMLEDIT5Merchant HTML WYSIWYG Editor v5$249.00See Product
STL-HTMLMEREMAILMerchant Notification - HTML Email Template v5+ - New Features!$49.9524.95
PM-OPTMIZE5Merchant Optimizer 5$248.88See Product
STL-METAMASTERMETA Master v5+$89.9539.95
WCW-CIMQMIN5Minimum and Maximum Quantity v5$29.5017.50
WCW-SUBTOTSZ5Minimum or Subtotal Shipping by State Zone v5$21.95See Product
WCW-SUBTOTWZ5Minimum or Subtotal Shipping by World Zone v5$21.95See Product
WCW-SUBTOTCZ5Minimum or Subtotal Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$21.95See Product
WCW-MISCFEE5Miscellaneous Fee v5$32.0020.00
ECI-GOOGLEANALYTICSCOMPLETEMiva Google Analytics Complete Installation$229.95See Product
MEDIASI-MM55BOOKWCMiva Merchant 5.5: The Official Guide (Second Edition / PR7 & PR8)$29.95See Product
MEDIASI-MM55EBOOKWCMiva Merchant 5.5: The Official Guide (Second Edition / PR7 & PR8) EBOOK$0.00See Product
EBUSI-EBX_MCOMMERCEMV Mobile$495.00See Product
AVANT-MVFAQMvFAQ FAQ and Documentation Manager$169.00See Product
AVANT-MVFAQ_TRIALMvFAQ FAQ and Documentation Manager Trial$0.00See Product
AVANT-SMR_MY_ADMINMy Admin Tabs$49.99See Product
STL-MYFAVORITESMy Favorites QuickList v5+$109.9549.95
NBI-NBITSTPAYMODNBI Test Payment Module$9.99See Product
WCW-NTBLWZ5Number Table Shipping by World Zone v5$20.00See Product
WCW-NTBLCZ5Number Table Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$20.00See Product
ISLAD-ORDERCONTENTSOrder Contents$19.99See Product
WCW-ORDERCFM5Order Custom Fields for Checkout and Admin Notes/Updates v5$61.75See Product
STL-ORDFULFILLTBOrder Fulfillment HTML Email Template Bundle - v5$79.9539.95
PM-OMPROOrderMan Pro$299.00See Product
PM-OMSTDOrderMan Standard$199.00See Product
WCW-PAYGROUP5Payment Methods for Groups v5$31.5018.00
WCW-POWRSRCH5Power Search v5$51.9525.00
ADVANZ-FREESHIPPrice Based Free Shipping$24.9524.95
WCW-PGRPMAN5Price Group Manager v5$61.95See Product
AVANT-PROCONTENTProContent Custom Content Manager$169.00See Product
AVANT-PROCONTENT_TRIALProContent Custom Content Manager TRIAL$0.00See Product
IDS-PRODCOPYProduct Copy$49.99See Product
STL-PRODFLAGSProduct Flags Pro v5+$99.9544.95
ADVANZ-SCRNSHOTS5Product Screenshots v5$59.9529.95
EBUSI-EBX_TABS5Product Tabs Display$79.95See Product
WCW-POPLUS5Purchase Order Plus v5$29.5018.00
EBUSI-QAQA - Quick Audit$99.95See Product
EBUSI-EBX_QUOTE5Quote Request$89.95See Product
WCW-RATETHIS5Rate This v5$37.0020.00
WCW-RELPRDIM5Related Products Import and Export of Flat Files v5$20.0015.00
WCW-RESTOCK5Restock Shelves v5$28.5018.00
WCW-RESTRICT5Restrict Exporting of Products v5$29.5017.50
ISLAD-SALESSUMMARYSales Summary Report$19.99See Product
AVANT-SMR_SCOTMAIL3_TRIALScot's Mailing List 3.33d - free trial, updated 4/10/09$0.00See Product
AVANT-SMR_SMScot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)$149.95See Product
AVANT-SMR_TPCScot's Total Product Counter$24.95See Product
MORDIT-SEOTUNEUP5SEO Tune Up for Miva Merchant 9$699.00See Product
WCW-SHIPPROD5Shipping by Product by World Zone v5$28.50See Product
WCW-SHOWBASK5Show Baskets v5$21.9515.00
SF-SFEXPORTSingleFeed Export Module$0.00See Product
WCW-SIZEX5Size Pricing v5$29.95See Product
STL-SMARTSTARTBSmart Start Plus SEO Bundle - v5$228.9097.50
ADVANZ-SORTCATSort Categories$29.9529.95
WCW-SORTER5Sort Categories and Products v5$29.9518.00
ADVANZ-SORTPRODSort Products by Category$24.9524.95
WCW-SORTSHIP5Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option v5$31.9518.00
PM-SM5STDStoreMan5 - Standard$299.00See Product
PM-SM5ADVStoreMan5 Advanced$399.00See Product
WCW-SWAPLINK5Swap Link v5$22.0015.00
WCW-MAILGEN5Tell A Friend v5$26.9515.00
STL-TELLAFRIENDTell a Friend v5+$59.9524.95
WCW-TDF5Template Data Feed for Shopping Portals, Sitemap XML and SEO v5$41.5030.00
PCINET-TLBLTTool Belt -- v5.47$65.5010.00
PCINET-TLBLT9Tool Belt Update for Miva 9 from Miva 5$32.00See Product
STL-ULTCATTREEPLUSUltimate Category Tree Plus v5+ - New Features!$89.0029.95
ADVANZ-UPSADDR5UPS Address Validation v5$79.95See Product
NETBLAZON-ATADDRUS Address Scrubbing & Validation$0.00See Product
GAZ-VTS1Video Tutorial Services$249.95See Product
ADVANZ-VPRICECATVolume Price by Category$29.9529.95
WCW-VOLPRICE5Volume Pricing Discount v5$33.5020.00
WCW-WAITLIST5Wait List Manager v5$29.5018.00
WCW-WTBLSZ5Weight Table Shipping by State Zone v5$21.95See Product
WCW-WTBLWZ5Weight Table Shipping by World Zone v5$21.95See Product
WCW-WTBLCZ5Weight Table Shipping by ZIP Code Zone v5$21.95See Product
IDS-MM5WPWholesale Pricing MM5$139.99See Product
NETBLAZON-ZIPTAX5Zip Based Sales Tax - v5$59.9730.00