About Modules

What are Modules?

Modules are one of the things that make Miva Merchant a very special product.

The module story begins back in the very early days when Miva Merchant created something to help a small but growing number of independent developers who offered services to "tweak" Miva Merchant for customers. Miva Merchant developed a "plug-in" interface so these "tweaks" could be rolled up into scripts and installed instead of the developer having to manually edit the Miva Merchant source code for each customer.

Now several years later the number of developers has grown greatly, the number of products available has exploded, and thanks to friendly rivalry and competition quality has remained high.

As a result, if a feature is not in Miva Merchant itself, there's a very good chance that you can find it off-the-shelf here at MivaCentral at a FRACTION of the cost you would pay for custom development.

What modules should you buy?

That's a good question. If you surf our store you'll find that there are modules for just about anything, ranging from very simple one task plug-ins to multi-functional product suites. There are even comprehensive complimentary products to help you with out-of-store processes like order fulfillment.

Which ones are right for you? That depends on what's happening in your online store and what makes your business different from others. Typically we find that many customers want to change some things about how their stores look, but there are hundreds of other modules that can help you satisfy local legal requirements (like Sales Tax), improve your bottom line with marketing initiatives and much more.

We've compiled a list of introductory topics in the menu below including links to some of our top selling products. This is a great place to start your module adventure!

Modules are a very affordable way to add features. Typically the cost of a module at MivaCentral is between 1/10th and 1/20th of the development cost.

When the same modules are sold over and over again, developers get good feedback from customers to help improve them, iron out bugs and make better documentation. When Miva Merchant releases a new version of Miva Merchant (even major new releases) you can be sure that developers will create a module for the new version as soon as possible to allow their customers to upgrade and retain the same features.

Best Sellers - Frequently Used Modules

Modules for Miva Merchant 5:
Specials and
Best Sellers

Coupon Redemption v5

Price: $51.50 You Save: $13.50

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

Price: $149.95

Emporium Plus Tool Kit v5

Price: $56.95 You Save: $8.05

Wolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection V5.x, V4.14+

Price: $79.95 You Save: $20