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Modules for Miva Merchant 5:
Miva Merchant 5 Modules

Look and Feel

This is an area where you may have to do some research to find exactly what you want, as there are many choices!

With the introduction of Store Morph Technology, modules available for Miva Merchant 5 are mostly targeted to specific components of a site, rather than the broad, store-wide modifications available in some Miva Merchant 4 modules. If there is a specific aspect of your look and feel that you'd like to modify, there is likely a module that makes this change possible.

For example, you might want the category page to display links in two or more columns; or, you might want to replace the category tree with your own hard coded links. A module gives you access to the relevant code so you can make the changes necessary.

Best Sellers from our Look and Feel Modules

Template Suite - v5

Get the extras you desire and save money doing it. This template suite will give you features like: Multiple product and category templates, product sorting, breadcrumbs, topseller displays, paginatio..

Category Template Manager - v5

Category Template Manager allows merchants to create multiple display templates that can then be assigned to categories. This module gives the merchant complete control over the entire look and feel ..

Category Master v5+ - New Features!

Take master control of your Category(CTGY) Page and now for your Product(PROD) Page. This module is packed with features like menu-driven global and individual category level control of Category Produ..

Merchant HTML WYSIWYG Editor v5

This WYSIWYG HTML editor brings to the Merchant many of the powerful functionalities of known desktop editors. It's really lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation in the client comput..

Product Template Manager - v5

Product Template Manager allows merchants to create multiple display templates that can then be assigned to products. This module gives the merchant complete control over the entire look and feel of ..

Search Engines Optimization and Marketing

Don't forget about Pay Per Click! ( PPC ). PPC should become an important part of your search engine portfolio. Additionally you will want to get one of those elusive first page rankings on traditional search engines. There are a number of tools available at MivaCentral to help you with that.

It's important to note that when it comes to search engine ranking, even the "experts" can't agree. Search engines change and what works today may no longer work tomorrow. With that in mind it's important that you choose the tools that you believe will help. You may want to do some research about Search Engines themselves, or talk to one of our partners who specialize in Miva Merchant search engine submissions.

Search Engine modules fall into three categories:

  • Those that make your store and store links more "friendly" to search engines that are advanced enough to follow links to dynamically generated pages.
  • Those that create static HTML pages for the search engines that ignore your store because it's not pure HTML.
  • Modules that create data from your store that is compatible with several specific search engines that need you to submit a data "feed".
Best Sellers from our Search Engine Related Modules

Ultimate SEO Links™ - v5

This module allows you create any style of SEO link you desire without the use of an "identifier". An identifier is something that would prefix or append the product or category code in your links. Th..

Merchant Optimizer 5

NEW! for Miva Merchant 5.0 -- Search Friendly Links and dedicated-server performance with just a few clicks!..

Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Guide's Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Laycock presents the first search engine marketing e-book written specifically for small business owners. You will learn how to unearth the search terms..

META Master v5+

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to the success of your On-Line business. This module provides a multi-level control of your store meta tags. You can specify meta tags on a global, page, cate..

Merchant MOOGLE V5

Get more (as in everything) of your Store listed on Google. Moogle is a one click, simple-to-use module that produces a fully compliant XML site map for Google(tm). No templates or guess-work required..

GOL Analytics Tracking for V5

Updated - uses the new Google gs code...

Email Management

Email notifications are an integral part of ecommerce, and email can be used in many other ways.

Firstly, you can greatly enhance the look and functionality of your the standard email notifications by replacing them with the Truxoft HTML email replacements that you'll find in the table below. Truxoft also offer the MMVENDOR product which splits your merchant notification email into many emails - perfect if you have multiple suppliers!

Want to create some automated follow on marketing after someone places an order? Checkout our "Follow On Contact" module. You can configure it to send emails to your customers hours or days after their order, and even create specific content for particular products. Great to upsell compatible products or remind people to re-order consumable items!

Best Sellers from our Email Management Modules

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

One time purchase: >> No Monthly Fees << Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Email Marketing System with Scot's Mailing List.Leave the competition behind by sending out email marketing campaigns f..

Mail Manager - HTML Email Templates v5

The ultimate MIVA Merchant autoresponder module - send specialized emails when customers checkout. These emails are in addition to or in place of the standard emails which are sent at order completio..

Merchant Notification - HTML Email Template v5+ - New Features!

Take control of your Merchant Email Notification with this full featured fulfillment module. This module provides complete design control of HTML email notification using the new Store Morph Technolog..

Order Fulfillment HTML Email Template Bundle - v5

Take control of your Customer Order Confirmation and Merchant Notification Emails with this full featured fulfillment module bundle. Save 20% by purchasing both modules together. These modules provide..

Tell A Friend v5

Provide an easy interface within Miva Merchant for visitors to refer your site or specific product URL to their friends...

Contact Form Pro v5+

Give your customers an alternative way of reaching you while keeping your email address safe from email harvesters. The information you get from the customers is validated and organized in an email wh..

Order Fulfillment/Shipping

People often underestimate the importance of the impact that shipping costs have on their customers. You should consider shipping to be a MARKETING related issue at your store.

If you are competing for customers then have a good look at your shipping calculate.

  1. Do your customers know how much shipping is going to cost before checkout?
  2. Are your shipping rates competitive?

Believe it or not, point 1 may actually be more important! You may have the cheapest shipping rates on the planet, but if your customer realizes that they have to enter all their shipping information to find that out, expect many people to leave your store. You can solve this problem with the Mini Basket Display module shown below.

With that in mind, you may like to experiment with a "Free Shipping" promotion even if that means increasing your product prices to cover the cost!

We have lots of other good stuff for you too. Need to allow your customer to split an order into different destinations? Need to control what shipping modules people see depending on the size of their order or what products are in the basket? We have it all!

Best Sellers from our Order Fulfillment and Shipping Modules

Stone Edge Order Manager with Extended Support

The Stone Edge Order Manager for Miva Merchant will save you time with every order you ship. It is a feature-rich program that helps you manage your orders, your customers and your inventory. It bring..

ShipWorks 2.4 - Powerful Shipping Software

ShipWorks 2.4 dramatically simplifies your shipping and order management. ShipWorks includes support for multi-computer networking, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Endicia, Stamps.com, and much more...

Shipping SuperMod™ 5

The Shipping SuperMod™ 5 provides a shipping method control system that allows you to limit what shipping options are available to your customers based on criteria such as shipping address or even wha..

UPS Online Tools® Custom Integration

Provides accurate, real-time shipping using UPS Online Tools®; includes: international shipping, free shipping options, per-product and per-category options, drop shipping--this is the shipping module..

Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option v5

Sort your shipping methods by cost, module name, or method name. This module can be used in conjunction with shipping modules which dynamically calculate cost, such as the UPS modules or the various ..

Price Based Free Shipping

Offer your storefront customers free shipping based on their basket contents/subtotal, "Ship To" country/state, or associated price group. ..

Checkout Enhancements

By making your customers' buying experience as easy and intuitive as possible, you'll lower your abandonment rate and convert one time purchases to regular customers. These enhancements offer you and your customers more options, more flexibility and more control over the checkout experience.

Best Sellers from our Checkout Enhancement Modules

Coupon Redemption v5

Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. Includes a real time coupon code generator which can produce unique coupon codes by embedding a token in any ..

Ultimate Gift Certificates™ - v5

Sell and accept Gift Certificates for your v5 store. See product details for more information...

Continue Shopping Pro v5+

Give your customers better control of the basket contents page and improve their shopping experience. This module provides a smart "continue shopping", "empty basket" and "checkout" buttons. Continue ..

Additional Checkout Data Collection Pro - v5

The ultimate checkout data collection module is here for Merchant 5. This module allows you to specify your own HTML for additional checkout data collection, such as gift card info, special ordering i..

Mini-basket Display, Shipping Calculator, Recent Visit History v5

Display a brief summary of items currently in each customer's basket as they shop within a store, provide a storefront display of the shipping charges, and list their recently visited product pages in..

Gift Certificate Manager

This module gives a store the ability to sell and accept electronic gift certificates...

Promotions and Customer Loyalty

So often people focus so much on getting customers to their store that they forget the importance of making sure that they come back again!

Running promotions, having a way to contract your previous customers, and offering customers ways to benefit from repeat business are a great way to increase the bottom line.

We have a MASSIVE amount of promotion type modules in our "Discounts and Promotions" category ranging from simple free shipping modules to complex coupon modules. We've included some of the best sellers in the list of products below.

Here are some questions to help you make up your mind about what is right for you:

  • Do you currently ask your customers if they want to subscribe to a newsletter?

  • Do you want to offer incentives based on what customers are buying in real time?
  • Would your store benefit from a "Frequent Fliers" type rewards system?
  • Do you have specific customers that you'd like to give discounts to in the form of coupons?
  • Do you occasionally have products that you'd like to sell as a loss leader using coupons?
Best Sellers from our Promotions and Customer Loyalty Modules

Coupon Redemption v5

Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. Includes a real time coupon code generator which can produce unique coupon codes by embedding a token in any ..

Ultimate Gift Certificates™ - v5

Sell and accept Gift Certificates for your v5 store. See product details for more information...

Gift Certificate Manager

This module gives a store the ability to sell and accept electronic gift certificates...

Volume Pricing Discount v5

Volume Pricing discounts your product base prices based on the number of items ordered of identical products, eg 1-3 = standard price, 4-6 = lower, etc. ..

Customer Rewards / Points Redemption Manager - v5

The Points Redemption Manager gives store owners another opportunity to reward their customers. This module gives you the ability to award points to your customers based on their purchases. These awar..

Best Seller Display v5

The Best Seller Display module interfaces with the internal Miva Merchant 4.0 statistics modules to provide your customers with similar best seller information previously only seen by the store owner ..

Discount Based on Quantity by Category v5

Volume pricing at the category level. Easily offer a fixed discount (not percentage) based on the number of items in the basket and the categories those items are in...

Store Management

Keep your store tidy! Find easier ways to manage store contents!

Best Sellers from our Store Management Modules

Batch Creation by Date v5

Create your orders batch file based on the date of the order. You specify the beginning and ending date and name the batch, this module will do the rest...

Customer and Product Administration v5

Communication of order status with your customers is a critical element in the overall success of your store. Provide order status change emails to customers, keep track of order changes with backend..

Inventory Tools - v5

Inventory Tools by Sebenza will ease the pain of managing your product inventory levels. Not only will you have control over the inventory levels, but activating and deactivating inventory for a produ..

QA - Quick Audit

QA allows you to easily review order summaries, search for orders, view order totals for specified dates, and archive order summaries. Simply select the date range and QA automatically selects all ord..

Specials and
Best Sellers

Coupon Redemption v5

Price: $51.50 You Save: $13.50

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

Price: $149.95

Emporium Plus Tool Kit v5

Price: $56.95 You Save: $8.05

Wolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection V5.x, V4.14+

Price: $79.95 You Save: $20