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Email Management

Email notifications are an integral part of ecommerce, and email can be used in many other ways.

Firstly, you can greatly enhance the look and functionality of your the standard email notifications by replacing them with the Truxoft HTML email replacements that you'll find in the table below. Truxoft also offer the MMVENDOR product which splits your merchant notification email into many emails - perfect if you have multiple suppliers!

Want to create some automated follow on marketing after someone places an order? Checkout our "Follow On Contact" module. You can configure it to send emails to your customers hours or days after their order, and even create specific content for particular products. Great to upsell compatible products or remind people to re-order consumable items!

Best Sellers from our Email Management Modules

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

One time purchase: >> No Monthly Fees << Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Email Marketing System with Scot's Mailing List.Leave the competition behind by sending out email marketing campaigns f..

Mail Manager - HTML Email Templates v5

The ultimate MIVA Merchant autoresponder module - send specialized emails when customers checkout. These emails are in addition to or in place of the standard emails which are sent at order completio..

Merchant Notification - HTML Email Template v5+ - New Features!

Take control of your Merchant Email Notification with this full featured fulfillment module. This module provides complete design control of HTML email notification using the new Store Morph Technolog..

Order Fulfillment HTML Email Template Bundle - v5

Take control of your Customer Order Confirmation and Merchant Notification Emails with this full featured fulfillment module bundle. Save 20% by purchasing both modules together. These modules provide..

Tell A Friend v5

Provide an easy interface within Miva Merchant for visitors to refer your site or specific product URL to their friends...

Contact Form Pro v5+

Give your customers an alternative way of reaching you while keeping your email address safe from email harvesters. The information you get from the customers is validated and organized in an email wh..

Specials and
Best Sellers

Coupon Redemption v5

Price: $51.50 You Save: $13.50

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

Price: $149.95

Emporium Plus Tool Kit v5

Price: $56.95 You Save: $8.05

Wolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection V5.x, V4.14+

Price: $79.95 You Save: $20