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Promotions and Customer Loyalty

So often people focus so much on getting customers to their store that they forget the importance of making sure that they come back again!

Running promotions, having a way to contract your previous customers, and offering customers ways to benefit from repeat business are a great way to increase the bottom line.

We have a MASSIVE amount of promotion type modules in our "Discounts and Promotions" category ranging from simple free shipping modules to complex coupon modules. We've included some of the best sellers in the list of products below.

Here are some questions to help you make up your mind about what is right for you:

  • Do you currently ask your customers if they want to subscribe to a newsletter?

  • Do you want to offer incentives based on what customers are buying in real time?
  • Would your store benefit from a "Frequent Fliers" type rewards system?
  • Do you have specific customers that you'd like to give discounts to in the form of coupons?
  • Do you occasionally have products that you'd like to sell as a loss leader using coupons?
Best Sellers from our Promotions and Customer Loyalty Modules

Coupon Redemption v5

Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. Includes a real time coupon code generator which can produce unique coupon codes by embedding a token in any ..

Ultimate Gift Certificates™ - v5

Sell and accept Gift Certificates for your v5 store. See product details for more information...

Gift Certificate Manager

This module gives a store the ability to sell and accept electronic gift certificates...

Volume Pricing Discount v5

Volume Pricing discounts your product base prices based on the number of items ordered of identical products, eg 1-3 = standard price, 4-6 = lower, etc. ..

Customer Rewards / Points Redemption Manager - v5

The Points Redemption Manager gives store owners another opportunity to reward their customers. This module gives you the ability to award points to your customers based on their purchases. These awar..

Best Seller Display v5

The Best Seller Display module interfaces with the internal Miva Merchant 4.0 statistics modules to provide your customers with similar best seller information previously only seen by the store owner ..

Discount Based on Quantity by Category v5

Volume pricing at the category level. Easily offer a fixed discount (not percentage) based on the number of items in the basket and the categories those items are in...

Specials and
Best Sellers

Coupon Redemption v5

Price: $51.50 You Save: $13.50

Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - powerful MIVA based email marketing (4/10/09)

Price: $149.95

Emporium Plus Tool Kit v5

Price: $56.95 You Save: $8.05

Wolfpaw's Fraud Screening and Detection V5.x, V4.14+

Price: $79.95 You Save: $20