Order and Download Issues

The email didn't arrive
Anti-Spam filters on servers PCs and Macs are the biggest contributor to this issue. Often hosting companies have filters that their customers don't even know about!

The first thing to do is double check any anti-spam filters that you know about. If you still can't find your confirmation resend it to yourself at the same address or an alternative email address from our Order History page.

I can't download the products
[ See also "Download Link Expired" below if more appropriate]
Our download system creates download links for all orders which have a unique username and password. This username and password are included in your email confirmation along with a link to your order, e.g. http://www.MivaCentral.com/downloads/12345/

If your username and password aren't accepted...
... apart from the obvious typo problem, the only other issue we have ever had with usernames and passwords are when returning customers experience browesr issues. Sometimes when browsers are told to remember usernames and passwords for certain sites they get confused when trying to go back to the SAME site, but needing a different username and password. The answer is to either try with a different browser, a different computer or empty the CACHE / HISTORY of your browser. If all else fails contact MivaCentral Support

Download System says that download file does not exist
If you see this error reported then it's possible that the download file really DOESN'T exist! All files are uploaded by the developers, and sometimes mistakes happen. If you receive this error MivaCentral Support

The download links expired
For security reasons the download system only allows product downloads for a set period of time. After that you have two options:

If you have one or two products to download...
... most developers allow the Upgrade system to be used for updates - that is to deliver the latest release of the version you have purchased. Because of that you can use your license key in the upgrade center and follow the UPDATE path for a fresh download.

If you have MANY products to download...
... contact MivaCentral Support to request that your download be unlocked. Make sure to include your order number!!!

The zip file is corrupt
[ Don't mistake this for error message that a Compiled Miva store gives when you try to upload a module which is for an uncompiled store! ]
99% of the time we see this error it is a Mac user who is having difficulty. We aren't Mac people ( apart from using iTunes of course ;- ) and apologise for this inconvenience. It isn't clear if it is a problem on the PC end or the Mac end - and as all the zip files are created by the development partners it's very difficult for us to work that out.

If you experience this problem then unfortunately the zip that you have received from MivaCentral is all we've got! If you have access to another machine it's worth trying to do an unzip there. You can contact us for the unzipped contents and / or contact the developer directly for an alternative zip.

DOH! I bought the wrong version!
This happens. The good news is that it's often possible to fix this error though the upgrade center. If you bought a LOWER version than you want, use the license key at the upgrade center and check out the RIGHT column, Upgrades. You may find that there is a free upgrade window for this product and you can get the version you need without need for further support.

If you can't get a free upgrade the contact MivaCentral Support for a license switch. Be sure to include your order number.