Using MivaCentral

If you take 2 minutes to read this page, you will know almost everything there is to know about using MivaCentral efficiently and contacting the right person for support.

What you'll learn in the next two minutes:

  1. About MivaCentral
  2. How to find products
  3. Ordering options (versions and installs)
  4. The checkout process
  5. Downloading and installing software
  6. Re-downloading in the future
  7. Free software updates
  8. When to upgrade
  9. How to get support
  10. Refund policy

1) About MivaCentral

Why buy from MivaCentral?
If you ask somebody who knows the Miva Merchant community well, "Who are the major developers in the field", it's almost certain that everyone on that list is an MivaCentral partner and sells through MivaCentral. That makes MivaCentral an ideal "one stop shop!".

Who IS MivaCentral?
MivaCentral is owned and run by Miva Merchant. The goal of MivaCentral is to create the ultimate reseller scenario for developers, and the ultimate purchasing experience for end users.

How does MivaCentral Work?
MivaCentral has two basic customer groups. The Development Partners and Miva Merchant End Users. MivaCentral provides services to both of these groups with an emphasis on efficiency through automation. MivaCentral is responsible for the "purchasing experience" and developers are responsible for the support of the products that are sold.

What's the best way to contact MivaCentral?
Are you sure you need to contact MivaCentral? Keep reading. Section (9) of this page will reveal the secret to not having to wait !!!


2) How to find products

There are many ways to find solutions at MivaCentral:

a) Browse by Category
Products at MivaCentral are categorized into a sensible category structure that allows you to home in on solutions layer by layer. The main categories are on all store pages in the section "Products by Category". It's worth spending a couple of minutes surfing through these categories to get an overview for the subcategories available - this will help you get a feel of the store layout.

b) Search
All store pages contain a search field near the top left of each screen. If the search results yield too many results you can narrow down your search, or try searching for more detailed keywords.

c) Articles
To help educate customers about important topics we create articles to clarify the issues and showcase related products. The articles are listed on the MivaCentral Homepage and in the right column of this page.

d) What's New
If you are a frequent visitor to MivaCentral, keep an eye on the What's New section. Products are automatically posted to the MivaCentral home page as they are added to the store, and you can browse back through HUNDREDS of products in reverse chronological order.


3) Ordering options (versions and installs)

When you find the product you are looking for, add it to the basket. MOST products include these two important options:

Version Selection
MOST products have a different version available for each version of Miva Merchant. To find your Miva Merchant version number login to your Miva Merchant admin. You'll see "Miva Merchant vX.XX." If you buy the wrong version IT WON'T WORK. Please spend the time to make sure you know what version you need.

Self or Developer Installation
If you wish you can have the developer of any product install it for you but if you want to install the product yourself it's really quite straight forward. Modules are delivered with installation instructions, and a generic resource on how to add modules can be found here at


4) The checkout process

MivaCentral uses SSL encryption to ensure that your checkout process is safe and secure. We do NOT store your credit card details on our server. Payment validation happens in real time and at the end of your order you are sent an email which contains:

  • A download link for your modules - active for 15 days *
  • License keys for your products **
  • A support link for each product

* There are a handful of MivaCentral products that are shipped by mail including CD Rom and PC software items. This is clearly stated in product descriptions where applicable.

** A small number of MivaCentral products need additional license key information which the software developer will promptly email you with as a follow up to your order. Where appropriate this information is included in the product description, or in the README files distributed with the download. This exception almost exclusively relates to PC software.

If you do not receive your email notification promptly the most likely cause is anti-spam filtering or a typo in your email address. It's a good idea to check your email while your invoice is still in your browser, and then if necessary follow the link on the invoice page to our "Self Services" tools which allow you to try to resend to the same address, or even a different one.


5) Downloading and installing software

If you have paid for developer install, a developer will contact you for login details. If you want to expedite the process, click the "Support" link in your confirmation email and forward your store login details and order number to the developer ( not to MivaCentral ).

If you are going to self install, your email confirmation includes a link to a password protected area at which manages your downloads. As a bonus, all orders include the free MivaCentral LaunchPad tool, a powerful administrator add on. You can find out more about LaunchPad here.

MivaCentral partners include installation instructions with these downloads or on their product pages and you can find a generic Module Installation guide here at

If you experience problems, please use the "Support" link supplied with each product license key in your MivaCentral confirmation Email. Make sure you keep reading this page to know WHO to contact for support.


6) Re-downloading your software after 15 days

MOST MivaCentral developers take advantage of our Update system. Enter your license key in the MivaCentral Upgrade Center and follow the UPDATE path, and you will be able to checkout for free, and re-download your software.


7) Free software updates

MOST MivaCentral developers take advantage of our Update system. Enter your license key in the MivaCentral Upgrade Center and follow the UPDATE path, and you will be able to checkout for free, and re-download your software. Several modules even have a "Check for Updates" link inside the module admin screen which takes you straight to MivaCentral and compares your version to the latest version.


8) When to upgrade

If you do a "significant" upgrade of Miva Merchant then you probably need to upgrade your modules too. Read this carefully - it can be confusing. It's obvious that if you upgrade from Miva Merchant 3 to Miva Merchant 4, this is a "significant" upgrade. What isn't so obvious is that going from 4.13 to 4.14 is ALSO significant. MivaCentral changed the underlying technology between these releases. All modules had to be re-engineered, and as a result, most developers charge for this upgrade.

Automated upgrades are handled through the MivaCentral upgrade Center. All you need is your license key. When you enter it, you'll see the right column, "Upgrade" path including discount pricing options.


9) How to get support

The MivaCentral support system makes sure that you get in touch with the right party ASAP. Even better, it is designed to eliminate the need for support intervention at all whenever possible.

As a reseller, Miva Merchant does not provide support for third party modules. However, with a MivaCentral License key you have access to resources that can answer your question or point you towards the developer who can. Our support system includes:

  • LOTS of information about products, including OpenUI requirements, license requirements, version information and even install logs. Our support system pulls from various databases and displays helpful information to clarify many of the support issues we see reoccurring.
  • Documentation of product issues
  • Links to resources external to MivaCentral which address issues related to specific modules
  • Links to partner pages, which have more comprehensive support and installation information.
  • The ability to grow! Each time a support request comes in that isn't handled by our support system it's an indication to MivaCentral and/or the partner that have an opportunity to improve the resource. Over time we'll automate more and more of the problems that keep customers "stuck" waiting for manual intervention.

Visit our Support System whenever you need help. It's the best way to get answers ON THE SPOT, or get through to the right person who can help you.



10) Refund policy

If a product doesn't turn out to be what you wanted, you can request a refund from MivaCentral Support. Important refund considerations are:

  • Refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchase
  • Customers must have first requested developer support to resolve the issue or report the inadequacy.
  • Modules must be uninstalled before a refund is requested
  • A restocking fee may be applicable on refunds*
  • Developer Installation fees may not be refunded if the developer installation is complete
Note: Some partners have different refund policies. A refund policy stated in a product description at MivaCentral overrides the MivaCentral global policy

* A restocking fee may be requested in certain circumstances to cover cost-of-doing-business. Possible scenarios include:

  • Customer requests refunds on multiple products
  • Customers expectation of the module bears NO relation to product description
  • Customers hosting account is inferior and incapable of supporting third party modules
  • MivaCentral products function as described but customer decides to abandon Miva Merchant as a solution
  • MivaCentral finds evidence of license abuse for this or other products registered to customer

Refunds are batched and processed weekly. In some circumstances refunds may be slightly delayed while development partners are consulted for refund authorization and/or order history.


So there you have it...

We appreciate your business and continue to work at being the best one-stop-shop we can be. We hope you enjoy the convenience of the shopping and follow-up experience we have created.

Best regards
The Miva Merchant team

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