Order and Product Support

This system has been created because *MOST* support issues can be resolved instantly using the help resources available - and that helps you avoid having to wait for developer intervention.

This system delivers information:

  • Specific to a product based on everything it can discern automatically
  • Specific to your license if any history is found
  • Links to generic help information
  • Product specific links to resources if available
  • Contains information on many of the common problems

Module specific information

( Optional / Preferred - You'll find this in your order confirmation email )
If you are here for product support, then you can optionally add your license key here for module specific information.

Order & Download Issues

Install and Configuration Issues

Most ZIP files downloadable from MivaCentral include either instructions or links to online resources ( readme document ).

To check for more specific help on a product please enter your license key in the field above. With the licence key you will instantly see:

  • Version specific information
  • Product specific information
  • Dependencies between this product and others
  • See links to additional information specific to this product when available

Useful Resources

How to Contact the Developer

We STRONGLY recommend that you enter your license key above BEFORE contacting the developer. Many support issues are RESOLVABLE RIGHT NOW with the information available. Asking for help before trying to "help yourself" with the resources available will delay your support request.

I understand that the support step I receive may be to come back to this page, enter my license key and follow the instructions in one of the included support documents.