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  B2B Tax Exempt v5
Tax exemption for Business to Business transactions can be implemented with the B2B Tax Exempt module.

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  Zip Based Sales Tax - v5
The Zip Based Sales Tax module allows you to specify one or more ranges of zip codes, and to assign a sales tax rate to each range. If you need to charge varying sales tax rates depending on the zip code of the ship-to address, this module will suit your needs. You can also specify whether to tax shipping or not.

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  AccurateTax TaxTools Basic - Trial
The Basic TaxTools service provides the most accurate sales and use tax data based on zip+4 codes. Many tax boundaries no longer break along city/county lines, as such the zip+4 scheme has become the single, most accurate method for assessing tax rates.

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  AccurateTax TaxTools Advanced - Trial
The AccurateTax Advanced TaxTools solution is the most comprehensive sales/use tax solution available for the Miva Merchant platform. This solution can be utilized across multiple states and allows Miva Merchant storeowners to accurately determine a customer's location based on our own US Address scrubbing algorithm to then calculate the sales/use tax for a given tax authority.

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Zip Based Sales Tax - v5

Price: $54.97 You Save: $5