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  Scot's Mailing List 3.33d - free trial, updated 4/10/09
One Time Purchase: >> No Monthly Fees << Transform Your Website Into a Powerful Email Marketing System with Scot's Mailing List. Leave the competition behind by sending out email marketing campaigns from your own website. Completely customizable, Scot's Mailing List is feature packed and easy to use. Free modules are included. By ScotsScripts.com. ** NOTE: try before you buy because some hosts do not allow bulk email.

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  StoreMan5 Advanced
Save hours a day; days a month; not to mention your hair! All StoreMan models provide you with a superior, worry-free environment to add, edit and manage your store's content (categories, products, attributes, options, headers/footers and metatags just to name a few). Find out what thousands of StoreMan users already know...

Normal MIVACentral Price: $399.00
Limited Time Sale Price: $369.00
You Save: $30

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  OrderMan Standard
OrderMan is an easy-to-use, order-reporting tool for MIVA Merchant. OrderMan helps you manage your e-commerce business by providing valuable reports and exports of existing orders from your online store, all from the convenience and security of your desktop. Since OrderMan downloads your order data through its integral FTP utility, you no longer have to keep valuable and sensitive data on your server where it is more vulnerable to sleuthing.

Normal MIVACentral Price: $199.00
Limited Time Sale Price: $179.00
You Save: $20

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AddShoppers adds social sharing buttons and detailed ROI-focused social analytics to your Miva Merchant store.

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  Lexity Live
Lexity Live is a free real-time visitor tracking tool for Miva Merchant that lets you see who is in your store NOW, what pages they are viewing, which products they are putting in the shopping cart, and more.

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  ProContent Custom Content Manager TRIAL
Miva Merchant gives you unlimited custom fields. The only thing left is unlimited custom content. The ProContent module for Miva Merchant links unlimited custom content with whatever page, product or category your customer is in.

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  MvFAQ FAQ and Documentation Manager Trial
MvFAQ is a total FAQ and documentation solution for Miva Merchant. An intuitive administration makes it easy to create and update entries.

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StoreMan5 Advanced

Price: $369.00 You Save: $30

OrderMan Standard

Price: $179.00 You Save: $20