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  Miva Merchant Synchro
Miva Merchant Synchro automatically synchronizes data in your Miva Merchant store with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premiere. Licensing is per domain installation of Miva Merchant.

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  Miva Merchant Synchro - Additional Store License
Use Miva Merchant Synchro with more than one Miva Merchant Merchant store or domain. The Miva Merchant Synchro - Additional Store License allows you to synchronize a second store with QuickBooks. This can be an additional store on your same domain, or another domain entirely.

Code: MIVA-SYNC0002
Price: $99.00

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  StoreMan5 - Standard
Save hours a day; days a month; not to mention your hair! All StoreMan models provide you with a superior, worry-free environment to add, edit and manage your store's content (categories, products, attributes, options, headers/footers and metatags just to name a few). Find out what thousands of StoreMan users already know...

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Let your Customers Help Sell Your Products.

An Amazon style rating system for your Miva Merchant store.

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StoreMan5 - Standard

Price: $269.00 You Save: $30