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  Competitor Analysis
Understand your online competition!

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  Monthly Placement Reporting
Want to know how your site is doing on the search engines?

Price: $35.00

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  META Master v5+
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key to the success of your On-Line business. This module provides a multi-level control of your store meta tags. You can specify meta tags on a global, page, category and product levels. Module provides a template field for each of its levels, along with an Advanced META Tag Generator Tool which will quickly generate common meta tags, based on provided information. METAMaster Module is designed for easy intallation and is automatically configured for SFNT Storefront, CTGY Category Display and PROD Product Display pages. You can easily add this functionality to any other page used by MIVA Merchant system. This gives you master control over your store meta tag settings.

Normal MIVACentral Price: $89.95
Limited Time Sale Price: $79.95
You Save: $40

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  Miva Google Analytics Complete Installation
Google Analytics Complete Installation is your comprehensive Google Analytics installation solution that enables full functionality of Google Analytics reporting. Sit back and relax while we set up Google Analytics for your Miva Merchant store. This investment will pay for itself quickly as you gain valuable insight about your site visitors and purchsers.

Normal MIVACentral Price: $229.95
Limited Time Sale Price: $149.95
You Save: $80

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  SingleFeed Export Module
SingleFeed helps merchants succeed on the shopping engines by automatically delivering optimized data feeds to the highest quality shopping engines like Become, Google Product Search, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, NexTag and more. Our module easily exports a compliant data feed to SingleFeed.

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  SEO Tune Up for Miva Merchant
This one time service makes your Miva Merchant 5.x store SEO friendly by formatting the code in your storefront, product, & category pages to comply with the most common and basic SEO recommendations. This service also creates & submits a Google product feed and places your products in Google shopping as well as creates & submits a Google sitemap for your entire store.

Your Price: $599.00

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FeedExact makes it easy for you to publish your products to comparison shopping engines, affiliate programs, Amazon, and more.

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Miva Google Analytics Complete Installation

Price: $149.95 You Save: $80

META Master v5+

Price: $79.95 You Save: $40