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  QwkTracker - Traffic Origination And Conversion Tracking System
QwkTracker allow a merchant to track the traffic coming into their store starting with where it came from and tracking it through the shopping process. The system can help a merchant determine if they are spending their money wisely on pay-per-click advertising such as Overture, Google, and Miva Marketplace or non-pay-per-click links from friends, associates, business partners, or advertising campaigns. QwkTracker helps merchant determine who is most effective in sending traffic to their site, which referring links translate to more sales, and where in the shopping experience they may be losing sales.

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Trace shopper's paths through your store, analyze your Miva Access Log File (MALF) and your Ecommerce Log File (ELF & ELF2). Free demo available...

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  Addendum Checkout Questions v5
Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout. Use the module for the customer to add special instructions for the order, collect responses from survey or poll questions, allow the customer to fill out gift card messages, or other additional checkout questions. You can even assign a fee or discount to one of the questions. Includes an online report for viewing in admin and an export flat file for viewing offline on your PC.

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  Mail Manager - HTML Email Templates v5
The ultimate MIVA Merchant autoresponder module - send specialized emails when customers checkout. These emails are in addition to or in place of the standard emails which are sent at order completion, e.g. merchant NOTIFICATION, customer CONFIRMATION, VENDOR specific notification, and even cell PHONE emails. It also includes the ability to send a WELCOME email when a customer creates a new account and include things like customer login and password and even promotion codes. Create UNLIMITED FORMS and send responses to specific individuals without exposing email addresses to spammers. Ultimate tell a friend, send a SNAPSHOT of almost any page in the store in an email to FRIENDS. No need to license multiple modules, each of the email types listed above are done with this single module. Using render tokens, you can send an email from ANY PAGE in the store. Use it for tracking page views in real time. Mail Manager has multiple layout controls; from point and click checkboxes for pre-designed text emails, to the legacy token system used with our Merchant 4.x HTML emails, up to the HTML emails which use Merchant 5.x Store Morph Technology templates with complete version history control. Licensed by domain; multiple stores in a single domain require only one license.

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  Show Baskets v5
Display all open baskets in a table format. This report includes active and expired baskets. As a store owner you are able to see how many people come to your store and abandon baskets, even after placing items in the basket.

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  Restock Shelves v5
Automatically delete expired baskets and restock the inventory with the products that were sequestered in those expired baskets. Emails with Sale Saver feature can notify store owner with summary restocking results and identify customer and product info in abandoned baskets.

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  Rate This v5
Allow customers (who have signed in) to provide their rating/review of products offered in the store.

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  QA - Quick Audit
QA allows you to easily review order summaries, search for orders, view order totals for specified dates, and archive order summaries. Simply select the date range and QA automatically selects all orders from the specified range and displays the order date, order #, line item count, customer name and link to the order detail. Additionally, each QA date range query lists the total dollar amount and line item count for the specified date range. QA - Quick Audit was designed for Miva Merchant 5. If you are running Miva Merchant 4, please refer to QA-4 for Miva Merchant version 4.14 and higher.

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  Miva Google Analytics Complete Installation
Google Analytics Complete Installation is your comprehensive Google Analytics installation solution that enables full functionality of Google Analytics reporting. Sit back and relax while we set up Google Analytics for your Miva Merchant store. This investment will pay for itself quickly as you gain valuable insight about your site visitors and purchsers.

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  AccurateTax TaxTools Basic - Trial
The Basic TaxTools service provides the most accurate sales and use tax data based on zip+4 codes. Many tax boundaries no longer break along city/county lines, as such the zip+4 scheme has become the single, most accurate method for assessing tax rates.

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  AccurateTax TaxTools Advanced - Trial
The AccurateTax Advanced TaxTools solution is the most comprehensive sales/use tax solution available for the Miva Merchant platform. This solution can be utilized across multiple states and allows Miva Merchant storeowners to accurately determine a customer's location based on our own US Address scrubbing algorithm to then calculate the sales/use tax for a given tax authority.

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  Sales Summary Report
View your product sales, number of orders and products sold by Year, Month, Week, Day and Hour.

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  Order Contents
Quickly see which products your customers are ordering in real time without having to visit order detail screens. Analyze buying patterns as they happen and quickly react to today's emerging sales trends.

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  Customer Segments
Refine your email marketing campaigns and send the right message to the right customers using customer segments. When it comes to email marketing, one size does not fit all – use this module to find customers who meet your marketing criteria.

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  Advanced Sales Reports
Robust Sales Reporting with 9 report types: Sales Summary, Line Items, Shipping, Tax, Promo Codes, Category Sales, Product Sales, Price Range and Sales by Year/Country Report

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  Lexity Live
Lexity Live is a free real-time visitor tracking tool for Miva Merchant that lets you see who is in your store NOW, what pages they are viewing, which products they are putting in the shopping cart, and more.

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