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  •   Category Master v5+ - New Features!
    Take master control of your Category(CTGY) Page and now for your Product(PROD) Page. This module is packed with features like menu-driven global and individual category level control of Category Product List Layout, Multi-Column Category Product layout with image positioning, Category Product Pagination with Totals, Subcategory Listing, Category Breadcrumbs and Product Pagintion for the product page. No need for separate templates to control your category screen globally or individually for each category. All features are configurable using the menu-driven admin interface. Master CTGY page and Product List Layout templates are automatically installed and configured with this module. This gives you full control over the look and feel of your category screen. More New Features available in v5.06

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      Continue Shopping Pro v5+
    Give your customers better control of the basket contents page and improve their shopping experience. This module provides a smart "continue shopping", "empty basket" and "checkout" buttons. Continue shopping button will automatically return the shopper to the last visited product, category, search or product list display screens. All display options are configurable using the menu-driven admin interface, modified BASK page template, which is automatically installed and configured with this module. Menu driven module configuration allows you to customize your buttons and control which of the merchant pages the customer can return to. Module can also be used to add Continue Shopping functionality to other Merchant pages.

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      Product Flags Pro v5+
    Attract your shoppers attention to specific products by flagging them down as "New", "Featured", "Special", etc. This module is packed with features like up to three, administration defined product flags, for your each of your products. Module is automatically configured with the above named flags, but can be easily changed to whatever you want. You can display text or icons, for each of the flags, on any of the product related screens such as Category, Product, Product List and Search. The module also provides a Template, for each of the flags, and Token Items to display a list of flagged products based on a specific Category or All flagged products. You can display any of the specific Product Flag Lists in any of your MIVA Merchant Pages. You can even control the number of products for each list and how the list is generated, random or standard order.

    Normal MIVACentral Price: $99.95
    Limited Time Sale Price: $89.95
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      External File Pro v5+
    Now you can have ultimate control of Merchant functionality by seamlessly integrating external files and scripts into any of MIVA Merchant pages, evaluating MivaScript expressions and built-in functions, and assigning variables at run-time, right from your templates. This module provides store administrators and developers an ability to insert and manage content and/or execute scripts outside the Merchant system, and use built-in MivaScript functions to create and modify content. You can even insert content from another server or domain connected to the internet. The module provides a way to insert/execute files in various ways; by inserting a content file(HTML or TEXT)) located in a script or data directories, executing a compiled MIVA Script(.mvc) file directly or with a required function, and calling a file or script located on the same server or another server. If you are familiar with MIVA Scripting language, this module gives you an ability to access and control Merchant arrays, global and local variables, data files, etc., without creating a custom component module. Just plug-in your Item Call to a file into any Merchant Template and customize the execution inside your file. Checkout Great New Features available in v5.02.

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      ProContent Custom Content Manager
    A total replacement solution for custom fields. ProContent is custom fields on steroids. ProContent for Miva Merchant links unlimited custom content with whatever page, product or category your customer is in and also includes a wide selection of other content, product, category, and other tools.

    Price: $169.00

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    Product Flags Pro v5+

    Price: $89.95 You Save: $30

    Category Master v5+ - New Features!

    Price: $89.00 You Save: $40

    External File Pro v5+

    Price: $71.95 You Save: $28

    Continue Shopping Pro v5+

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