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  Sort Categories and Products v5
The sort categories and products module gives you the ability to sort your Miva Merchant categories and products very quickly from an easy to use, admin interface. The typical sort time for 700+ products is 1-2 seconds. In the latest version of the module, you can also capture the number of products in each category for quick lookup at runtime for use in the category tree or other Merchant pages.

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  Ultimate Category Tree Plus v5+ - New Features!
This Category Tree Template module provides much more then just a replacement for Miva Merchant Default Category Tree. It is packed with features providing Store Designers, Developers and Administrators almost unlimited control of Merchant Category Navigation. Features like category tree expansion level control, using Jump Menu, Advanced Jump Menu and DHTML style navigation, using variations of a category tree in multiple areas of a page, Search Friendly Links capability, Menu-driven tree padding, tree prefixes, tree suffixes and category product counts, category tree Headers/Footers, individual category level CSS, and more. The module also provides extra Category Fields which can be used for additional Category Content, Category Tree Image Swap and SEO purposes. We have also included our New Smart SEO Link Processing™ and .htaccess File Editor, in the latest version, making Search Friendly Links implementation easier then ever. Using this module gives you the ultimate control of Merchant Navigation, SEO, plus much more...

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  Scot's Total Product Counter
Displays the total number of products next to your categories. The total is specially linked to your category display page where all the products in that category will be displayed.

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Ultimate Category Tree Plus v5+ - New Features!

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