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AccurateTax TaxTools Basic - Trial by NETBLAZON
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Accurate Sales Tax Calculations for All US Addresses

The Basic TaxTools service provides the most accurate sales and use tax data based on zip+4 codes. Many tax boundaries no longer break along city/county lines, as such the zip+4 scheme has become the single, most accurate method for assessing tax rates. Please note: Basic TaxTools module will not work with the NetBlazon US Address Scrubbing module. However, if you desire both feature sets, you can use the Advanced TaxTools solution.

Please note: the TaxTools service is sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your purchase of this module includes a free installation, the module itself and a free trial of up to 30 sales tax calls to our server for the first month. You can install the module yourself or have one of our Client Managers assist you. Once the module is installed, you will need to contact us at info@accuratetax.com with your license key and domain name so we can finalize your system configuration and activate your license.

How does TaxTools work exactly?

TaxTools was created as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means as you use the service you are charged for the number of calls your store makes to the server. A call is a single XML request for either Address validation or sales tax information. In a normal checkout sequence in an online store, a customer will insert their address information, at which time the store makes a "call" to our server to have the address validated. Once validation is complete the customer proceeds through checkout until a call is made to determine the applicable sales tax. Please note: you are only charged for sales tax calls for customers where you have a nexus - a physical location of your business and if you have multiple nexuses you can use this tool to specify only those states for sales tax, address validation or both.

How is the solution priced?

Pricing for each service is based on a monthly subscription charge and will depend on your expected number of calls. At any time during your initial trial of the solution you can contact us to setup your monthly subscription level. Pricing for subscriptions and additional information on our feature set and operations is available for your review on the AccurateTax site.

A note about versions: AccurateTax accepts two types of call requests - sales tax and address validation calls. The Basic offering includes sales tax calls only, while the Advanced offering includes both types of calls. So, a 30 call Basic package is for 30 sales tax only calls; however, a 30 call Advanced package has the same 30 Sales tax calls + 30 Address validation calls, so you actually get 60 calls (30 each) per month.