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B2B Tax Exempt v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Merchant Version:
Tax exemption for Business to Business transactions can be implemented with the B2B Tax Exempt module. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x.

- Provide tax exemption for customers with tax IDs
- Display prompt to eligible customers
- Save customer login and tax ID to determine eligibility
- Use an availability group for eligible customers
- Customizable HTML template for prompt at checkout

Feature Details:
If a customer is purchasing items from your Miva Merchant store and they enter their sales tax exemption ID, all sales tax will be zeroed out on the transaction. The module has no way of knowing if their ID is valid or if their purchase qualifies under your state's guidelines. It is up to you to verify whether the customer was untruthful in their submission and eligible for a tax free order.

The module can optionally hide the tax ID input to all customers unless they are either 1) in a specified availability group, or 2) their customer login is included in a admin entered eligibility list. You can save the customers' login IDs and tax IDs so when they checkout, the number will already be entered in the input.

The prompt for entry of the tax ID during checkout is configurable as a template. It can also be hidden and the tax exemption automatically assigned for members of the specified availability group.

Disclaimer: The authors, programmers or distributors of this module will not be held liable for uncollected tax or failure of this module to perform without failure. The store owner is solely responsible for verifying the credibility of a customer's claim for tax exemption.

Limitation: The module will zero out all tax. Hence, if you need a module for Canada to zero out only certain tax, e.g. PST but not GST, this module will not do it.