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US Address Scrubbing & Validation - Trial by NETBLAZON
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US Address Scrubbing and Validation

NetBlazon is pleased to introduce the ONLY fully independent solution in the Miva Marketplace that can scrub US addresses and validate them without the requirement that they be used exclusively for USPS shipping purposes. Using the same dataset that the Postal Service uses to scrub and validate US addresses, NetBlazon has created this independent service to allow Miva storeowners to have their customer shipping addresses scrubbed during the checkout process to ensure that valid (and most importantly) shippable addresses are being captured.

This solution will save your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars by allowing you to avoid those nasty Address Correction fees charged by major shippers when they cannot deliver a package, or by letting your customer service representatives focus on true CRM-related activities other than trying to track down a customer to obtain a valid address.

The module creates a page that is displayed during checkout only if the address given is not able to be validated. The customer then has the option to select one of the results provided to them, or if a valid address is not found, to re-enter the address with the correct information.

In need of a batch processor to scrub and validate your addresses? Are you in need of a Scrubber/Validation utility to clean up your addresses for dealing with direct mail marketing campaigns? This service is capable of supporting your batch needs as well. Through our Customer Administration interface you can submit your customer/orders datafile to be processed in batch mode. Storeowners are only charged for the addresses we are able to validate for you.

Please note:This solution is provided as a monthly subscription service. The initial cost for this service includes the module cost and the first 100 Address validation calls as part of your initial setup. Once purchased, NetBlazon will setup your account with our service and even install the module on your store if you wish to ensure that your module is properly integrated. This solution does not yet work with one-page checkout services provided by other vendors.

Please note: the US Address Scrubbing and Validation service is sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your purchase of this module includes a free installation if you desire, the module itself and a free trial of up to 100 address validation calls for the first month.

How does this service work exactly?

The US Address Scrubbing and Validation service was created as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means as you use the service you are charged for the number of calls your store makes to the server. A call is a single XML request for Address validation information. In a normal checkout sequence in an online store, a customer will insert their address information, at which time the store makes a "call" to our server to have the address validated. Once validation is complete the customer will be shown a screen that may denote one or more recommended addresses for that user's given address. The customer has the option to select the recommended address, keep the original, or go back and edit the address as they wish. Once completed, the customer can checkout as they normally would on your store.

How is the solution priced?

Pricing for this service is based on a monthly subscription charge and will depend on your expected number of calls. At any time during your initial trial of the solution you can contact us to setup your monthly subscription level. Pricing for subscriptions and additional information on our feature set and operations is available for your review on the AccurateTax site.