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Miscellaneous Fee v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Charge additional fees within an order for such things as special packaging, artistic setup, order surcharge, or any miscellaneous charge that needs to be applied and is not an actual product. Multiple fees allowed per store and per product; assigned through Miva Merchant admin. Fees are normally a positive value but can be negative if you want to give discounts. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

The owner can use this module to designate multiple fees for use within a store to be: 1) applied to all orders, 2) applied once to an order as long a specified product is ordered, or 3) applied for each time a fee associated product is counted in the basket.

Once the store is setup with the possible fees, it is a simple matter of assigning the type of fees applicable to a particular product from the Product Edit Screen in admin. A single product can even have multiple fees. Or in some cases, you might want to use a fee which is only assigned once as long as specific products are ordered. There is also a fee type which is assigned once no matter what products are ordered. That would be your typical handling fee. You could also use this type for an order surcharge, i.e. $x.xx if the order does not exceed a certain amount.

The fees can be marked as taxable or non-taxable.

Fees can be charged depending on the ship to location (state, zip, or country)

  • The ship to location options should be left blank unless they are specifically needed
  • You can include specific locations by starting the line with a +
  • You can exclude specific locations by starting the line with a -
  • Use the location code for states and countries, e.g. FL and US respectively
  • You can enter a string of codes up to 254 characters, each code separated with a | and the line ending with a |
  • Example: +US|CA|MX| will apply the fee for United States, Canada, and Mexico only
  • Example: -FL|GA|MS|AL| will NOT apply the fee for Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama but will apply it for all other locations unless excluded or included in the other location options
  • You can combine location options, e.g. just US but not the states FL and GA

You can specify a range for each fee type. The fee will only be applied if the order subtotal reaches an amount that falls within the range. You can also apply the fee if only a specific attribute is selected. For example, if someone selects to personalize a product, you could charge an artwork fee for the setup or logo creation.

The module currently fully supports the mivasql configuration of MIVA Merchant 5. It also supports MySQL as long as load balancing has the data stored on the single MySQL server and permissions are set correctly on the data directories. This would be the case in most of the server setups. If you are using Merchant 5.x and your host is web.com, you will not be able to use this module due to the way they configure their servers. There are no known issues with other hosts.