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Price Group Manager v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Price Group Manager (PGM) extends the functionality of the price group system in Miva Merchant. The built-in system lets you assign customers and products to groups so they can get a designated discount off specified products. PGM makes that system much more flexible by allowing tier pricing at the price group or individual product level. Supports "Variant Price is set by the Inventory Product" if you use the autogenerate method to create variants. Make sure you have the 5.009 or newer version of the module if you use that feature.

Override the single tier discount within each price group. This module lets you override with a different discount percentage for virtually every product in the group versus the built-in one percentage groupwide. You can even set a fixed price vs a percentage for products that do not have attributes. You can manage unlimited price groups and unlimited product pricing variations within each group. When customers and products are in multiple price groups, the module uses the store's price group overlap setting.

Recalculate basket prices upon login. The module applies the price group price as the items are added to the basket if a customer is logged into the price group. However, if the customer is not logged in when they put an item in the basket, the module has a feature that recalculates the basket price when they eventually log in. There is a safety feature in that it will not change the price if the price in the basket is already lower than the price group price. Another safety feature is you can specify product codes that will not have their basket price recalculated at all. This is useful when other 3rd party modules are in the store that set the basket price based on a set of rules unknown to this module.

Import customers and products into price and availability groups. You can update the discount settings in the product edit screen or use an easy flat file import. The import can be used to import both customers and products into the price groups. Quickly add customers to one or more price groups. Add products to the default price groups settings or assign them to the module's override features. Even the product edit screen is easier than the built-in update capability. With the built-in system you have to go to each price group, then find the product of interest, then assign or unassign it to the price group. While that method still exists, with PGM you can go to the product edit screen and assign, unassign, or change discounts for all price groups at once. You can also import customers and products into availability groups with the flat file import.

Add customers to price and availability groups in the customer edit screen. In addition to the flat file import, you may find there are times where you only need to add a couple of customers to price and availability groups so flat file import would be overkill. So on the customer edit screen it is much easier than the built-in update capability. With the built-in system you have to go to each group, then find the customer of interest, then assign or unassign them to/from the groups. While that method still exists, with PGM you can easily keep track of the groups they are in. Simply go to the customer edit screen and assign or unassign, for all price and availability groups at once.

Export customers in a price group. If you have a need to export the customer data in specific price groups so can contact them, this feature makes that an easy task. You can export an individual price group's customers. e.g. wholesale customers only. Since that is an individual price group export, customers who are in more than one price group would appear on multiple lists as you select (from a drop down) other price groups to export. Thus, if you want all price group customers, you can select "All" in the drop down.

Works with both MySQL and MivaSQL Merchant 5x stores.

We license the Emporium Plus modules by domain/mall. Hence, if you have 10 stores under a single mall (merchant.mvc), our modules can be used under the single domain license. No need to purchase multiple licenses for each of your stores under a single domain/mall. Each store will get their own unique price group manager module license key which will be available by virtue of the domain license. The license is for one domain/mall and cannot be sold, transferred, or re-distributed. If you have another store in a different domain, that would require another license.

See the module's slide show (link above) for several screen shots which display various features of the module.