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OrderMan Standard by PHOSPHOR MEDIA
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Software Version:
Versions 4.00 - 4.13
Versions 4.14 and Later

OrderMan helps you manage your e-commerce business by providing valuable reports and exports of existing orders from your online store, all from the convenience and security of your desktop. Since OrderMan downloads your order data through its integral FTP utility, you no longer have to keep valuable and sensitive data on your server where it is more vulnerable to sleuthing.

OrderMan Reports

OrderMan reports can be constrained to a specific date range. The available reports are:

  • Orders Summary: A summary of all orders including total orders, average order total, average number of daily, weekly, monthly orders, and tax, shipping, sales and gross order totals.
  • Orders by Country: A break down of gross order totals by country.
  • Orders by Month: Tax, shipping, sales, and gross order totals by month.
  • Orders by State: A break down of sales total by state.
  • Orders by Product: A break down of sales total by product and including total number of products sold and total orders with that product.

Note: Sales total represents the value of product sold and does not include shipping, tax or other charges.

OrderMan Exports

OrderMan also provides several export formats that may be useful in transferring your order data to other applications such as Excel. Unlike Reports, you can filter exported order data (meaning you can select orders based on a particular set of criteria). by: Order ID, Date, Order Total, Order Tax, Shipping Amount, Last Name, Company, Email, City, State, Zip, and Country. Currently, the following Export types are available:

  • Order Summary
  • Order Details
  • Customers

You can choose to export data in Excel, Text, or in XML format.

How OrderMan Works

OrderMan has two parts: A client application that gets installed on your PC, and a MIVA Merchant store export module. The OrderMan client application has an integrated FTP feature that collects data generated by the OrderMan Store Export utility.

Here’s the general workflow for OrderMan:

  • Use the OrderMan Export utility to export current orders in your store. You can export orders by Batch, or in their entirety.
  • Open the OrderMan client application, and click Transfer Orders to download the available Order Data.
  • Open OrderMan, then open its Report window and select the type of report you want.
  • View the created report.

If you want to use OrderMan on multiple store, see OrderMan Pro.