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Attribute and Option Import - Export from Flat Files v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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This module allows a Merchant store owner to import attributes (text, textarea, checkbox, radio, and select) and options from an easily edited/managed flat file. The module also allows the type "template" to be specified if you have previously added the corresponding template through admin. It will not create the templates and its internal attributes/options. The module will also delete product attributes which the store owner identifies for deletion. For those sites with time-out problems, multiple flat files can be used to break up the number of attributes and options being imported at one time. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

Normally, additions are made based on the product code. A typical version 5.x entry in the flat file for a radio button attribute for a specific product would be:
A|1AA00004|version|radio|Merchant Version:|0|0|1|graphics/en-US/mmui/blades.gif|||
O|1AA00004|version|4X|4.xx (add $1.00)|1|1|0|||0

The key for the field values is:
A|product_code|code|type|prompt|price|cost|required|image|template code|unused|weight

This module also allows you to import the same attributes/options by category code. That way you can fill all of the products in a category with the same attributes. This saves considerable typing in the flat file.

If for some reason you want to delete attributes, you can easily delete all attributes related to a product code.

The attribute and option EXPORT module is distributed with the IMPORT module. It creates a flat file in the format described above so that the data can be re-imported after off-line editing. It does not export the templates. We include the option to email the export file to your designated email address to save having to FTP it from the server.