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Export Wizard - Database to Flat File v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Merchant Version:
This export wizard module creates flat files from your MIVA Merchant databases. Specify the database to export. It will then display the file structure. You can then change the order that the fields will export on each line. You can even exclude fields by deleting their export order number. Once a report is run, as a time saver, you can save the export parameters for use again. By picking a pre-saved export, you don't have to identify the file name and export field order again. You can send the export file as an email attachment so that you don't have to FTP to the server to retrieve the file. This is particularly useful for stores whose host does not provide FTP access. This Merchant 5x version works with either MivaSQL or MySQL databases in the mall and specific store directory. Make archive flat files of your data. Use the files for updating your other similar stores. Use it for quick troubleshooting of data oddities.

See the module's slide show (link above) for several screen shots which show various features of the module.