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Easy 4 Module - Miva feature-modules in other programming languages by TEAMANSWERS
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Easy 4 Module is a module that allows you to control and edit your MM5 feature-modules in your favorite programming language. Sounds complicated? We included 8 hours FREE support so that you can ask questions, or help you out if you experience problems.

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to integrate with any backend application.

If you already have a MM5 store and the modules available on the market just don't suite your needs this is the right solution. With this module anyone who has knowledge of any programming language can successfully use all privileges, that miva feature-modules have to offer.

If you find difficult the MivaScript language, or you don't have the time or patience to learn it? Easy 4 module is the solution you need.

Here it is how it works:

1) Every feature-module calls a different script written in a different programming language, according to the specific feature-module. This script receives every variable from the original feature-module, and sends the specific responses specified by the user.

2) After the installation you can already write every application in php - the example programming language that we supplied all the feature-modules included in the product

3) You can also easily customize your store to work in an other programming language (besides php - already included). All instructions are supplied in the documentation

Three easy steps for a successful MM5 customization.