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Customer Segments by ISLAND TECHNOLOGIES
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Customer Segments

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Refine your email marketing campaigns and send the right message to the right customers. When it comes to email marketing, one size does not fit all – use this module to find customers who meet your marketing criteria.

This module has a robust customer filter search which allows you to find customers based on a number of different criteria. We've added our most-used segments to the 'Dashboard' so common searches are quick and easy to run. Take a look!

'Best Customer' Segments
Use these filters to find your best customers: the big spenders, frequent shoppers -- your most loyal customers. Offer them free shipping as a reward for being great customers. Or just send them a 'Thank you'..

Best Customer Segments include customers who:

  • Have spent more than $___
  • Placed at least ___ orders
  • Ordered during the [year][holiday] season
    Holiday options are: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas

Segments of 'Untapped Revenue Potential'
If you've installed a coupon code module in your store, send a special offer to customers in these segments to entice them to come back!

Segments include customers who:

  • Opened an account, but have never ordered
  • Who ordered in [year] without opening an account
  • Live in [country] and have spent less than $___
  • Who have only placed ___ order(s)
  • Have purchased but not in the last ___ months
  • Live in [country] and have not ordered this year

Since you don't want to necessarily send a 'best customer reward' to someone who returns most of their purchases, returns information is also shown to inform decision-making.

Working with the results
Most email marketing services won't allow you to paste in more than a hundred email addresses at a time, so we made this data easily copy/pasteable into your favorite spreadsheet program so you can sort, eliminate customers with high returns, etc. before you save as a CSV file and import into Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Easy to install yourself - no custom installation required.