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Restock Shelves v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Automatically delete expired baskets and restock the inventory with the products that were sequestered in those expired baskets. Emails with Sale Saver feature can notify store owner with summary restocking results and identify customer and product info in abandoned baskets. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

The Miva Corp inventory management module for Miva Merchant 5.x has resulted in numerous stores having their shelves temporarily cleared. As customers place products in their baskets, the store inventory level is decremented. If the customer decides not to buy at that time and leaves the store, the products in that abandoned basket remain unavailable. When the store owner manually deletes expired baskets in admin, those basket contents are reclaimed and the products are placed back in the store inventory. Stores which have one-of-a-kind or low inventory levels of products are significantly impacted as the products are not available for purchase by other customers until the store is manually restocked. Stores which have high traffic are similarly impacted when many baskets are abandoned. This module eliminates the need for the store owner to manually restock. At a frequency determined by the store owner, this module will reclaim the expired baskets and restock the shelves. When customers visit your store the timer will be checked to determine the last time expired baskets were deleted. If deletion is due, the next customer who clicks to a Miva Merchant PRODUCT screen will launch the shelf restocking routine.

The module includes an activity log. It accumulates the numbers of baskets which were not converted to orders and have been reclaimed. It also captures the completed order totals. These numbers can be displayed for any time period. The information can be useful when evaluating your success at convincing "visitors" to actually buy something.

Another useful usage of this tool is monitoring how often and to what extent search engines spider your merchant.mvc pages. You will periodically see a glut of abandoned baskets when the restock module runs.

You also have the option of the module sending an email to you each time it restocks the shelves. This is useful in identifying problems with your payment gateway as it identifies baskets which were reclaimed, yet had products in them. This is to be expected within reason, but if you see a significant increase, it may be because your payment gateway is down.

Included in the email is the Sale Saver feature which displays basket info when the customer info has been filled in AND there are products in the cart. So if the order was not completed, you can see who it was and what they intended on purchasing. It also tells you how far they got into checkout. If they have both the customer info and products, they are considered to have gotten to the OSEL screen. If they also had selected a shipping method, they got to the OPAY screen. In some cases, they may have even gone to pay but the payment failed to update MIVA Merchant. In this case they would also be considered to have reached the OPAY screen.

In addition to the email sent to the store, you can have the module automatically send the customer an email too.