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Discount (Percent or Fixed) Off Subtotal v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Merchant Version:
Easily offer an automatic discount based on the basket subtotal. Use this module for storewide sales and high purchase discounts at checkout. Increase the discount amount at higher subtotals to entice customers to spend more. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

- Discount based on subtotal of the order
- Set up to 10 tiers of discounts
- Percentage of subtotal or fixed discount for each tier
- Store wide discounts
- Optionally apply discount after other discounts have lowered the subtotal
- Discount at checkout shows as a separate line item
- Can exclude specific products from calculation of the discount
- Can change the discount to a surcharge, e.g. due to fuel or raw material fluctuation
- Include or exclude customers in listed price groups
- Include or exclude discounts when specified payment methods are used
- Establish an expiration date that discounts apply
- Tokenized label for line item display in the basket

Feature Details:
The default is to calculate all product charges (including attribute charges) to determine the total. You can optionally include non-product charges (coupons, fees, other discounts) in the calculation. Then in admin, the store owner configures the trigger levels (amount needed to activate the discount) and the corresponding percentage or fixed amount off. The store owner can designate 1 - 10 trigger levels so that he/she can vary the discount based on the amount spent. At each tier discount you have the choice to make the discount a percentage off the subtotal of eligible products or a fixed amount.

The store owner can include a list of product codes that will not be used in the subtotal calculation. The discount amount will appear during checkout on the screen after the customer has entered their shipping method. This allows Merchant to take into account (optionally) any miscellaneous fees or coupons redeemed on the Shipping - Payment selection screen.

You can even use this module for a surcharge. As example, if your products have a fluctuating fuel or raw material charge and you want to pass that on to the customer, you can change the discount amount from a positive to a negative. So instead of entering a discount of 10%, you would use -10%.

You can list price groups that restrict the discounts to customers in those price groups. The restriction can be to include the list of groups or exclude the list of groups. It has no effect on the products in those price groups. The restriction is for customers.

You can list payment methods which, when selected, will allow or disallow the discount.

You can also set an expiration date that the discount will cease to be applied.

See the module's slide show (link above) for several screen shots which show various features of the module.