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Discount By Category/Subtotal by ADVANZDESIGN.COM
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Latest Versions: 5.030
Merchant Version:
Offer a discount or surcharge by storefront category and subtotal. A discount (or surcharge optionally for Miva Merchant 5 version only) is offered when any products that belong to a "discount category" are added to the basket. Progressive levels of product subtotals and discount amounts can be configured to provide a larger discount as the subtotal increases within a category. Unlimited discount levels for fixed or percentage discounts with multiple categories can be configured as desired. Discount amount appears in the payment info checkout page and basket page (optional for Miva Merchant 4) based on the discount category products subtotal. Specific products can be excluded that supports the * wildcard for easy product filtering from each discount level to accommodate for redundant products assigned to more than category. Include or exclude specific price group(s) as desired to provide discount for eligible types of customers.

Module configuration includes discount description, if discount amount is tax exempt, included/excluded price groups, and discount levels that include categories, excluded products, and quantity/discount rates. Ideal for promoting department/category sales!

Note: This module requires Miva Engine v3.9 or higher.