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This module assists in dissuading the ongoing velocity hack as it slows them down (forcing them to enter each transaction by hand versus using an automated script) and hopefully will cause them to move on and leave your store alone. We can't guarantee it will prevent this from happening to you, but every bit of protection helps.

You can install the module and leave it Off (and ready to turn on if needed), you can configure it to be On all the time (not recommended as this can harm conversions) or you can use it in Velocity mode.

Velocity mode allows you to trigger the enablement of the module for up to 24 hours (in one hour increments) after a certain number of failed credit card transactions within up to a 24 hour period (also in 1 hour increments). For example if you have it set to Activate for 4 hours after 15 failed attempts within a 1 hour period. The module will sit silently in the background not showing up during checkout until you had 15 failed credit card transactions within a 4 hour window. Once that happened the reCAPTCHA would appear in the checkout flow and attempt to slow down the velocity attack.