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Buy X Get 1 Free v5 by EMPORIUM PLUS
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Merchant Version:
The Buy X Items - Get 1 Free module gives the shopper a discount based on a predetermined qualifying number of items. In Merchant admin, the store owner sets the number of items it requires in order for the lowest priced item to be free. For every increment of that trigger number, an item's value reduces the total sale. For example, if the number is 5 and the customer buys 5, the lowest priced item is free. If the customer buys 10, the lowest two items are free. The store can exempt specific items and can also make the discount a percentage of the item instead of free. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

When the customer views their basket, the free item discount appears as a separate line item. If they view the basket prior to reaching the trigger level by one, there is a message telling the customer to add one more and the lowest priced item will be free.

You can change the percentage discount from 100% (free) to a lesser discount of the lowest priced items. You also can change the message in the basket from the admin configuration panel.

You can exempt specific product codes from the number of products to be counted and not use them in the discount calculation.