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MivaCentral is designed to give you the advantages of a store with many products. Between September 2001 and September 2004, MivaCentral remained an independent venture, but is now owned by Miva Merchant. Bringing the two together allows unparalleled opportunity to generate module sales while offering high volume and a high profile.

But MivaCentral still offers the advantages of running your own show:

  • Total control of all aspects of your products
  • Total access to sales and customer information
  • Keeping your own identity

On top of that, MivaCentral offers some incredible value added services:
  • License tracking and logging to help avoid abuse
  • MivaCentral can completely handle the distribution of new releases ( bug fixes etc )
  • MivaCentral can handle version upgrades to your exact specifications
  • 5% commissions on ALL MivaCentral sales you generate, tracked effeciently and long term using our own Cookie based affiliate system

We are confident that there is not a better store out there to sell your products. In fact, we are confident that the features you get access to as a Partner are probably more comprehensive than other sites have in-house!

The bottom line is that MivaCentral isn't just a place for you to sell modules. It is a place which will help you build an online sales presense by taking many of the time consuming tasks out of your hands.

The Numbers
Note that there are no out-of-pocket expenses EVER in being an MivaCentral developer.

  • Signup is FREE
  • 30% of sales retained by MivaCentral
  • 5% given to the partner or affiliate who created the lead by a click through
  • 65% to the developer

Your admin center gives full access to billing details showing every sale, commission and payment.

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