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MIVA Developer since 1998

Scott Zielinski and Gareth Dismore

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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How did you get into module development for MIVA Merchant?
Scott: It all started in 1998. We had several clients needing applications that did not exist in module format. As the requests increased, we started creating third party modules and eventually released them on a retail level.

What is your favorite module you've developed for MIVA Merchant?
Scott: I would have to say we have a couple: Template Suite and Suggested Products.

When coming up with a new module concept, where do you draw inspiration? How do you recognize a need?
Scott: Most all of our modules are developed from client sponsorship. This means that we collaborate with our clients needs to create a robust solution. We typically do not write modules at random, so this helps us create feature sets that store owners are after.

Any exciting new projects you're developing? What can we expect to see from Sebenza in the near future?
Scott: Yes, we currently have several great modules in development to enhance MIVA Merchant 5 stores. The first out will be a "Super Registry / Wish List" application. The rest in development will remain a surprise.

What hobby or activity keeps you from working?
Scott: Nothing really keeps us from working. When I am not in to the office, my mind is still going 100 mph in MIVA overdrive. But when I do have spare time, which I make time for, I like to golf, ride motorcycles, and travel with my family.

As a small business owner, what is the best business tip you’ve received?
Scott: Take risks. You will never know how successful you can be without taking risks. Without taking risks you will stay at the same level you are at now.

Finally, if you weren't a MIVA Developer, what do you think you would be doing now?
Scott: I would probably be doing real estate or pursuing one of our other dot com projects. But I can't imagine not being a MIVA developer!
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